My wife and I saw these three taggers while driving north on Van Nuys Blvd. The guy on the left climbed to the roof of the building shown below, located at the Northeast corner of Valerio and Van Nuys Bl. Being an expert in upside down writing, he defaced the wall as shown below. The three proceeded to walk north towards Panarama City laughing as they defaced walls and signs as they strolled. I called the police on my cell phone while following these junior criminals. I snapped the photo when they went into a convenience store at the Plant Shopping Center. After about 20 minutes, I gave up waiting for the cops. As my wife said, the cops are totally impotent in these matters. But on the way back traveling south on Van Nuys Bl, we saw three guys in handcuffs being interrogated by two police officers who had responded to my call. Problem is, the cops had the wrong guys, albeit, they had evidence on them that indicated they too were out on a tagging excursion.
A tagging we will go, a tagging we will go, hi-ho the cherrio, a tagging we will go.