Good for citizens
and legal residents.
Bad for illegal aliens.
Professor Kris Kobach
Mover and shaker of SB1070
The open borders crowd feels safe in saying that immigration enforcement is a job for the federal government. That's because they know that the federal government run by President Obama and the DHS' Janet Napolitano are on the side of amnesty. The feds on behalf of the ACLU, MALDEF, La Raza, ADL and the Communist
Good or bad?
Party, have consistently blocked enforcement of immigration law. More...

But when the feds do try to enforce immigration law the same folks who keep saying it's the federal government's job to enforce immigration laws, suddenly don't want them to enforce the laws either. Watch.
Now you know why Arizona is doing something about the problem on their own.
Are the Maricopa County Sheriff deputies profiling? They don't think so. Watch
When they can't beat Kobach in court, they try to win by slandering him. Watch