And now on March 13, 2008, spokesman for Mexican Consulate in San Diego, Alberto Lozano Merino Confirms Mexican Reconquista agenda to take back U.S. Southwest. Watch
You won't know you're being invaded until you try to stop it. -- Glenn Spencer, 1995
I (Hal Netkin) met Glenn Spencer in Los Angeles sometime in 1993 at a City Council meeting just before he formed Voices of Citizens Together (predecessor to American Patrol). I thought he was a crackpot when he told me that he believed that Mexico had plans to take back the American Southwest lost to the U.S. at the conclusion of the U.S./Mexican war of 1846. But when my Mexican immigrant wife told me that every Mexican school student gets the "U.S. stole their Southwest" drummed into their head coupled with my researched evidence, I can only conclude that Glenn is right -- there is in fact, a "Reconquista" movement. Apart from the usual threats by acivist groups to take back the Southwest, the Mexican governent itself makes no bones about it.
In 1995 Mexican Consul General Pescador Osuma said: "We are practicing La Reconquista." Listen
In 1997, then Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo said in Chigago "Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders" and in 2007 Mexican President Filipe Calderon said "Where there is a Mexican, Mexico is there." Watch
March 15, 2008: San Diego Talk Show Host Roger Hedgecock discusses the "Reconquista." Listen