Many human smugglers consider rape a part of the "price of admission" for women and young girls illegally entering the U.S. Victims are taken to an isolated area and raped. Often it is gang rape. Undergarments of the victims are displayed on what is known as "Rape Trees" as trophies of conquest.

You will hear advocates for illegal aliens claim that if we had "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" that the problem of rape wouldn't occur because "everyone" would immigrate legally thus avoiding the need for human smugglers. To anyone who believes this, I want to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

My wife who is a Mexican immigrant and a naturalized U.S. citizen, petitioned for three of her siblings in Mexico so that they could immigrate legally. Guess what, even though they could have immigrated legally, they decided to come illegally anyway. Why? Because as all Mexicans know, if you can get passed the border, you can enjoy all the benefits that legal immigrants enjoy -- BUT SOONER! -- get here, and it is virtually "legal to be illegal." That is why our government must secure the borders and enforce all existing immigration laws before there can be any discussion about what to do with the 20 million illegal aliens living in the "shadows."

The main stream media won't report anything about the "Rape Tree," but you can watch this video to learn more.
- Hal Netkin
June 2010