Email from two fellow Jewish subscribers:
Posted July 09, 2012
If Jews and other "minorities" (Hispanics, etc.) turn out in great numbers to vote, we're in trouble. The great majority of Jews are, and have been, Liberals & Democrats -- born into partisan Democratic families. They take their politics like their religion. It was true in my family as a youngster and my extended family. These Jews don't get it: Socialist dictator BHO, the worst & most dangerous pres in US history, would never have been elected by our citizens of yester-year. By today's standards, JFK was a right winger.  Face it, our once great US has undergone a Demographic Disaster over the years via stupid, permissive immigration policies permitting the entry of ignorant third world types from all over the globe.  That's also why our educational and academic ratings etc. have nose dived.  Sociologically and politically, we've long been tolerating the intolerable, and I'm less than optimistic re our future.
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I saw your query (Why do Jews vote for Obama) and all I could think of was, "Search me"???????.  The only thing I can think of is that maybe they don't read newspapers, maybe they feel a certain kinship with him because he's part of a minority and so are they. They're obviously very ignorant of certain basic facts:
For example: Obama has visited many countries in the Middle East, but not Israel.
Editors note: According to Fox News, Mitt Romney has plans to visit Israel before the election.
I'm very worried about the situation now because the most recent information about polling data shows Obama ahead by 4%. I realize that the situation can go back and forth a million times before the election, but nevertheless, I'm worried.
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God dam America
He's like an uncle to me