Villaraigosa was admitted to UCLA as an affirmative action student who spent more time there rabble-rousing than learning. He then went on to graduate from the unaccredited leftist People's College of Law. Villaraigosa never passed the bar exam after failing it four times. Ironically, he now wants to lead the Los Angeles Unified School district. He thinks Prop 227 (no bilingual) and Prop 209 (bans affirmative action) are racist. His MEChA buddy, California's assembly speaker, Fabian Nunez, is co-conspirator in the takeover
L.A.'s Mayor failed the bar exam four times -- and he want to save LAUSD?
Since the LAUSD cannot be saved no matter who runs it as long as the illegal immigration white elephant in the living room is ignored, there is a way for the Board to at least save face. The Board should not oppose Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's bid to take over LAUSD. Villaraigosa taking over LAUSD guarantees its failure. When that happens, the Board can obviate its responsibility for the failure by saying "I told you so" and place all the blame on Villaraigosa.      The Mayor's background                                           08/03/06
Advice for Superintendent Romer & the school board