It's the federal government's job to enforce immigration laws.

How many times have you heard that phrase spewed by the open borders crowd. The phrase has been a convenient argument as long as the crowd knew that the feds weren't enforcing immigration laws. But sometimes one's wish comes true.

With the federal government now starting to enforce some of its immigration laws, the crowd is showing its true colors -- now they don't want the feds to enforce immigration laws.

Using the Medieval tactic of paralyzing debate by accusing anyone opposed to the inquisition of being a heretic, the modern day fascists such as ethnic activists, priests, city mayors, police chiefs, politicians, the ACLU, La Raza, MALDEF, the AFL-CIO, and judges, now accuse anyone opposing illegal immigration as being racists and xenophobes.  Most intimidated and/or corrupt politicians won't speak out against this insanity.

In San Francisco, U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney turned immigration enforcement on its head by granting a nationwide temporary restraining order sought by the AFL-CIO and affiliated unions to keep the government from sending letters to employers demanding that they clear up workers' citizenship status.

Thanks to our first amendment rights, the crowd hasn't been able to stifle two heroic newscasters.