The PBS interviewer revealed her true bias with her absurd comparison of the term "illegal alien" to the Holocaust.

The argument by pro-illegal alien advocates and most U.S. politicians that "undocumented" immigrants do not commit more crime disproportional to Americans is flawed to begin with and is totally irrelevant as a way to argue to try to justify the presence of illegal alien criminals in the U.S.

Since there has been no data taken by any government agency linking "undocumented" immigrants to crime (probably, the U.S. government avoids the taking of such data for political reasons), the open border advocates for illegal aliens and the U.S. Justice Department can only come up with statistics by lumping legal immigrants into the batch.

When legal immigrants are lumped into the statistics, it is probably true that they do not commit more crime disproportional to that of Americans. However, some reports by local enforcement agencies point to crimes by illegal aliens that are largely disproportionately higher than that of Americans and legal residents. For example this 2000 report by Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca as reported in 2002 in the Los Angeles Daily News.

But this debate is not about legal immigrants -- it's about illegal aliens.

Sneaking across the border is by itself a violation of law. When laws are not enforced, the violator soon rationalizes that if nothing is done about enforcing the law, it really must be OK to violate the law. It is only natural for unpunished law breakers to test other laws by violating them too. For example, driving without a driver's license with no insurance or using fraudulent documents to steal jobs and identities.

While the majority of illegal aliens do not commit violent crimes such as rape and murder, evidence shows that illegal aliens disproportionately do.

But for the sake of argument, let's say that only a very small percentage of illegal aliens DO commit violent crimes disproportionately lower than Americans do. Does that mean that it's OK to be in the U.S illegally? We have enough home grown criminals without needing any more illegal alien criminals whether it's just one or a million.


Hal Netkin comments: