"If you don't like
it leave the state
Two questions for you Chief Bratton:
1. Where did you get the information that Californians don't want L.A. to cooperate with the INS?
2. Did you mean it when you said that if any of us didn't like it, we should leave the state?
L.A. Police Chief Wm. Bratton's arrogance
KABC Radio - Ken Minyard Show - August 26, 2003.
Caller Steve (regarding Special Order 40): "The rest of your arguments are humorous. They're here illegally his job is to uphold the law" (referring to Special Order 40)
Chief Bratton: "In as much as California has pretty much indicated that they don't want us involved in that issue, we're out of that business. If you don't like it leave the state.
12/26/07 CNN/Lou Dobbs reports on Arizona. Watch