Anti-Semitic / anti-Zionist sentiments -- The Chicano / Palestinian connection
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Last weekend, my family and I attended a party attended mostly by Latinos. One fellow who I will call Valdez, said that he had seen my website and thought it was racist. Pointing to a computer in the room, I offered to apologize and remove any posting on my website that Valdez could specifically point out as being racist. Faced with the challenge, he backed away from his statement, but said that anyone who saw my website would agree that it is racist.

Valdez, a U.S. born citizen who refers to himself as a Mexican, repeatedly said he would not turn his back on "our people." From our discussion, I learned that Valdez' only source of news was from the viciously anti-Semitic website, La Voz de Aztlan. He referred to the site's publisher, Hector Carreon, as a fine man.

It seems Valdez believed anything he saw on that site including the belief that 9/11 would never have happened if Israel didn't exist. By his logic, people wouldn't get run over if cars were never invented.

Hector Carreon and his staff keep browsing through the bowels of cyberspace in search of pornography and bogus photos which he doctors to base wild stories on and instill hatred towards the Jewish people, Israel and the United States.  For example, one of the propaganda pieces posted on their site “Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women by US Occupation Forces.” In this article written by Ernesto Cienfuegos, he said “photographs were sent to La Voz de Aztlan from confidential sources depicting the shocking rapes of two Iraqi women by what are purported to be US Military Intelligence personnel and private US mercenaries in military fatigues.”  In reality, the photos were copied from the smut site "Fleshbot."

Carreon et al are proven to be liars in this comparison  (caution, extremely graphic).

Another piece followed, riding on the heels of the first alleged Iraqi rape story.  This story was titled “USA rape and sodomization of Iraqis worst than imagined.  Collusion with US based Jewish pornographers seen.” La Voz also compares Osama bin Laden to Pancho Villa “Osama bin Laden: The "Pancho Villa" of Islam”. 

Valdez is one of growing numbers who join "Chicano" organizations such as Mecha and college groups who have found an anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist cause on which to blame the world's problems. Sound familiar?

America's Palestinians

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I suggested to Valdez that he visit my website in a few days on which I promised to post some information (including this page) to maybe persuade him to rethink his views.

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Below, I refer Valdez to an open letter  to terrorist supporter Charlotte Kates
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The following letter which invites Kates on a virtual tour of Israel, was written to the President of Rutgers State University by an Israeli citizen after reading Kates' published comments on the Israeli/Palestinian situation.

Hal Netkin