Posted April 08, 2011
Senator Lindsay Graham
ingratiates with Muslim Fanatics
Ann Barnhardt
slams the senator
Excerpt from Lawrence Auster at View from the Right,

Ann Barnhardt's video response to Sen. Lindsey Graham's call for outlawing Koran burning is absolutely great. I don't have words to say how great it is. I have never in my life seen such a powerful rebuke to a public figure who deserved a rebuke as what she delivers to Graham. I never heard of Barnhardt before. I'll vote for her for president of the United States. To use her terms, she has the balls and the brains for the job. She has the stuff of an American Thatcher. And, most unlike Thatcher, who did nothing to stop the Third-Worldization of Britain, Barnhardt opposes Islam and the Islamization of the West.

In the second part of her presentation Barnhardt reads selected passages in the Koran, denounces each passage as evil, and then rips out the pages one at a time and burns them. It is very effective. Unfortunately she mars the exercise by her use of bacon as page markers. As I said regarding the Koran burnings during the earlier Jones affair last September, burning the Koran is a righteous act. Doing it with bacon or bacon fat is disgusting and gratuitously insulting and it lowers our side. I don't support that. Terry Jones didn't use bacon when he burned a Koran. Since the estimable Ann Barnhardt was burning the Koran in solidarity with Jones, she should have followed his example and avoided the gratuitous and vulgar insult to Muslims.

That negative note aside, I am overjoyed to see intelligent persons like Ann Barnhardt supporting Terry Jones, not just saying that he had the "right" to burn the Koran, but saying that he was right to burn the Koran, and then doing likewise. And by the way, will Andrew McCarthy and the other respectable Islam critics call Ann Barnhardt a moron and a nut, as they called Jones?


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