Hal Netkin
POB 82245
Phoenix AZ 85071

March 16, 2010

Senator Scott Brown
Scott Brown for U.S. Senate Committee
200 Reservoir Street
Needham MA 02494

Dear Senator Brown:

I was happy along with many of the subscribers to my website <WatchdogAmerica.com> to make a donation to your campaign which I hope was in some way instrumental to your successful election to the senate. And I would donate again to your committee as requested in your March 3, letter to me if it weren't for the disappointment I am feeling as a result of your recent endorsement of John McCain for his run to keep his Arizona senate seat. In that endorsement, it appeared that you intentionally distanced yourself from the immigration issue which is at the top of the list for McCain's Arizona constituents.

In 2006 McCain insulted American workers when he told a large gathering of his constituents that he would (personally) pay them $50 an hour to pick lettuce in Yuma for the entire season saying "you can't do it!" Needless to say, thousands of Americans (including myself) took McCain up on his offer by sending him their resumes. Of course he never replied to any of the applicants.

Also in 2007, McCain said this:
On the issue of immigration there is no debate that our borders are broken. There are 12 million people here illegally. I've listened and learned. We must secure our borders first and restore trust and confidence in our government. As President, I'll hire new border patrol guards, build a fence, ask governors to certify that their borders are secure. The two million people who have committed crimes will be deported immediately. No one will be rewarded for illegal behavior. They'll go to the back of the line, pay fines and learn English. For those already in our country, there will be no special privileges, and we'll punish employers who hire illegal immigrants. We'll be humane and compassionate, but we will be firm. It's a matter of national security.
My wife who is a Mexican immigrant and a proud U.S. citizen has petitioned for four of her siblings to legally immigrate to the U.S. Their immigration papers were filed in 2001. A recent status check with the NVC (National Visa Center) said that they would receive their immigration visas in another eight years. That's  eighteen years from the time (2001) that their petition papers were filed. Now it would seem to me, that the back of the line is in Mexico (and other countries) where thousand who are playing by the rules are patiently waiting. In 2008, I repeatedly emailed and called McCain's campaign headquarters to ask his campaign representatives where the back of the line is. I was told over and over that they would find out and email or call me back. Since McCain's people never responded to my requests, I concluded that there must be two backs-of-the-line -- the one in Mexico where thousands are waiting and McCain's back-of-the-line here in the U.S.  Hearing this, three of my wife's siblings who could have waited to immigrate legally decided to illegally enter the U.S. and get in back of McCain's line.

So here's my deal. I will again donate and urge my subscribers to donate to your post election campaign if you will ask John McCain to make public the answer to these two questions:

1) Does John McCain still hold to the belief that Americans won't pick lettuce for $50 and hour for the lettuce harvest season?
2) Where is the back of the line?

Please feel free to have one of your campaign workers phone me with the answers to my question (602-548-0183).


Hal Nekin

CC: John McCain (Arizona senator)
      J.D. Hayworth (Senate challenger)