immigration that it will make the run on banks in the 1930's depression look like child's play. Moreover, employers will hire the illegals who didn't bother to sign up in their own country because they will work cheaper.

2. Chertoff believes that new high technology will allow border patrol agents to immediately home in with cameras to detect illegals from a distance and is more effective than a border fence.

Chertoff has not recognized the problem. He thinks the problem is in detection. It's not. The problem is physically apprehending large numbers of illegal crossers all at once. Demonstrated in this video clip (broadband). 
At the senate judicial hearing of Feb 28, 2007, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff agreed with these two points (paraphrased):

1. Chertoff believes that immigrants looking for jobs won't have to sneak in leaving border agents free to chase down drug smugglers, criminals, and terrorists.

Chertoff naively assumes that if a guest worker program is put into place, that all willing alien workers looking for a job would go through the legal channel of signing up in their own country for willing U.S. employers like a bunch of union workers waiting in the union hall for their turn. History shows that aliens don't want to go through the paper work and will use the path of least resistance to cross into the U.S. And that path is the way 12 million aliens have so far done it. If and when a guest  worker  program  is  launched, there will be a such a gigantic surge in illegal
How dumb can you get?