History is replete with racists and evil-doers claiming their victimization. Designed to keep the voters off balance and to throw smoke-screens in the way of truthful analysis, the corruption and obfuscation of the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington is an albatross around the necks of the very Black electorate they swear they're protecting.
Yussuf Simmonds, L.A. Sentinel journalist, knows how to play the race card while laying a guilt trip on White voters, classic Machiavellian moves. Unfortunately, whining and breast-beating by the Caucus and their "useful idiots" cannot erase the miserable lack of leadership truly disenfranchising the very Black constituency they claim to be serving.

It gets better. Yussuf's words: "According to news reports, more than 15 percent of the number of Black members of the House of Representatives are being investigated AND THE CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT JUST STOPPING THERE, RECENTLY THE FOCUS HAS ZOOMED IN ON THE WHITE HOUSE."

Now, if you're relatively coherent and aware of goings-on locally, you'll not tire of hearing about corruption in Compton, Lynwood, Drew-King, L.A. City Council, gang-intervention scams with public money, LAUSD--it's so pervasive and chronic, why are we not surprised that the tentacles of fraud and abuse extend to our nation's Capitol? From the above quote, we learn: It is those evil white politicians that are harassing and targeting Blacks. How convenient. How totally racist. Yes, it's called reverse racism. And we're sick to death of the hackneyed barbs thrown by those that are incompetent and manipulative.

Yussef impresses us further: "During the campaign last year, at one of the Republicans' conventions, they openly stated that they would be going after the Democrats. AND OF COURSE, THE CODED INFERENCE WAS PRIMARILY AFRICAN AMERICAN DEMOCRATS."

Let the reader pause a moment. Do you know anyone that is bigoted and hates Blacks? Do you know anyone that has the chutzpah to "target" Blacks? Let's be clear: in this present atmosphere of Obamania and complete political correctness, you'd need the guts of General Patton to call anybody out on incompetence that was a "minority."
So let's cut out the baloney. And when such an individual IS INDEED called out, it is only through Divine protection on behalf of the whistle blowers.

The Sentinel's message: THOSE WHITE REPUBLICAN BASTARDS ARE BESIEGING BLACK LAWMAKERS. Does any of this make sense? It does if you need to do some community saber-rattling to arouse the demons of hate and opportunism.

Here in Los Angeles, a nascent group of Black activists, America's Black Shield, recently sent a delegate to network with the Congressional Black Caucus on life and death issues for the Black community, one of them being the amount of illegal aliens impacting the employment of entry level and unskilled workers. No KKK here in South Central, just lots of apologizing and hand-wringing by our incompetent mafiosos, their  seditious behavior passed off as politics. When the representative asked EACH and EVERY Black Caucus member to support legislation aimed at illegals and their employers, NOT ONE OF THEM HAD THE TEMERITY TO RECOGNIZE THE MENACE THAT IMPACTS THEIR CONSTITUENTS ON A DAILY BASIS.

"The illegals will be in the majority one day, better to put our political fortunes with them," goes the thinking.
Let each and every voter that cares about our city and state, reject this kind of racist, cynical breed of hack politicians--NOW!
Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Your Educational Candidate
Lecturer and Author, Candidate for California State Senate, District #26

"If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn around America tomorrow."....Rev Jesse Lee Petersen