Thank you for writing the Governor - here is one more thing you can do!

Your email to Gov. Schwarzenegger in support of hospital-infection prevention laws will help get these bills signed into law. The more Californians the Governor hears from, the better chance we have that our hospitals will soon follow infection-prevention techniques. 

Please take a minute to forward this message on to as many Californians you know so they also can send a message. We should know which hospitals in our state do a good or bad job at preventing these deadly infections, so we can make an informed decision on our health care. For more actions you can take, visit our Action Center!

I just sent an email to Gov. Schwarzenegger asking him to sign into law two new bills that will help save countless lives in our state by preventing deadly hospital infections. Will you take a minute to do the same?

The bills will require hospitals to follow proven prevention techniques to stop the spread of these superbugs, including MRSA. More than 100,000 people die each year in our country from an infection they pick up in the hospital, and this law would require all hospitals in our state to follow the same guidelines.

The bills also will make public the rate of infections at each hospital, so we know which facilities do a good or bad job at preventing their spread. The Governor has vetoed a similar bill in the past. Please tell him to do the right thing now and sign these bills into law. Take action here.

Thank you!

Lisa McGiffert
Consumers Union
506 West 14th, Ste. A
Austin, Texas 78701