The U.S. Senate's plan to destroy America
Not only will the U.S. Senate's so called "Comprehensive" Immigration Bill destroy America in the next 20 years -- America will be destroyed anyway if the rate of present immigration isn't reduced. It's the numbers stupid.

If the Senate's bill would be made into law, it would allow 100 million new legal immigrants over the next twenty years.


Q. President Bush (and most of the Senate) claim that their legalization plan is not an amnesty. Is that true?
A. President Bush says that the legalization of 12 million illegals is not an amnesty because the illegals would have to pay a fine and go to the back of the line before they would be eligible for citizenship. LINE, WHAT LINE?

If illegals really went to the back of the line, they would have to return to their native country and get in the back of the line of those who have legally applied to immigrate to the U.S who have already been waiting years for visas. And I'm sure that all those waiting for visas would be glad to pay a fine to get in the back of Bush's line with the illegals in the U.S. In essence, the Senate's legalization (amnesty) is no different than the 1986 amnesty. Contrary to what President Bush would like us to believe, when the 1986 amnesty was passed, there was NO automatic citizenship. Even legal immigrants must wait five years before being eligible to apply for citizenship -- and many of those amnestied in 1986 never became U.S. citizens.

When the government waives the usual punishment and allows someone to keep what it is he cheated for and broke the law to obtain that is most certainly an amnesty!

Q. Will Bush's plan stop illegal immigration?
A. No, the same thing would happen as happened after the 1986 Amnesty -- no provision for any workplace enforcement will be the magnet for illegal immigration. When third world foreigners learn that it's still legal to be illegal, they will rush to the U.S. and wait for the next amnesty. The 100 million immigrants predicted by the Heritage Foundation counts only legal immigrants. Illegal immigration could add another 100 million hopeful illegal immigrants.

Q. President Bush says that a guest worker program will draw illegals out of the so called shadows who will turn themselves in so that the government will know who they are. Is this true?
A. From the USCIS page: "...the law requires that legal resident Green Card holders report any change of address within 10 days of their address change. This law is not enforced. If presently, legal resident Green Card holders don't bother to report their change of address, does anyone believe that if the Senate's legalization bill is enacted that all aliens -- legal or illegal living in the so called shadows -- will come forward to register with the government? And with 100 million new immigrants in the next 20 years, does anyone believe that the ICE will seek out those aliens who fail to report their whereabouts? The U.S. would become a free-for-all for all aliens -- legal or not. Moreover, does anyone believe that dangerous people like Mohammed Atta and MS-13 gang members are going to come forward?

Q. But if most illegals would register with the government so that the government knows who they are, wouldn't it be easier to identify those who didn't register.
A. No. Since there is virtually nothing in the Senate's bill to secure the border coupled with no enforcement of the law against millions of illlegals who make it into the U.S., Middle Eastern terrorists could easily jump the border and melt into urban areas simply by disguising themselves as Hispanic illegal aliens. Moreover, if ICE can't find thousands of known illegal alien absconders now, how will they keep track of millions more later.

Q. Do illegal aliens really live in the shadows?
A. No. They work; they drive cars with or without licenses; they collect welfare; they hold office and vote in local elections; they testify in state capitals; they hold public demonstrations; and now with some help from politicians like L.A.'s city council and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; they are demanding that not even illegal alien criminals be deported.

Q. If illegal aliens become legal requiring employers to pay them living wages and provide health insurance, wouldn't that be better for Americans because the new immigrants would no longer be undercutting compensations that Americans expect?
A. No, because employers would still hire newly arrived illegal aliens who will work for less without benefits.

Q. Doesn't America need new workers who will pay into Social Security to provide benefits to older retired Americans?
A. No. Immigrating to America is most appealing to the poorest uneducated persons from third world countries who require more costly social services for themselves and their elderly retired relatives who will join them than they will pay in taxes -- even more costly if they work off the books. According to the Social Security Agency, at the present rate of immigration, benefits for retirees by the year 2040 will be reduced by 26 percent and would continue to be reduced every year thereafter. The 100 million to 200 million increase in America's population in the next 20 years due to the Senate's amnesty will bankrupt Social Security by 2040.

Q. Won't massive immigration be bad for the environment?
A. Yes. immigrants come for a better life. A better life translates into SUVs, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. Energy consumption and air pollutants will multiply in proportion to population growth.

Q. America is a big country -- isn't there plenty of vacant land for millions of new immigrants?
A. No. The open spaces without infrastructure one sees from an airplane are not where immigrants and their families choose to settle. They settle in the already overcrowded urban areas of the country just like immigrants always have.

Q. Precluding the negatives of immigration, isn't overall immigration good for America?
A. Traditional pre-1965 legal immigration is good for America. But massive immigration such as that proposed by the Senate is nothing short of National Suicide.

Q. Is there hope?
A. Yes. But only if the House kills the bill. If not, kiss America goodbye and tell your kids and grand kids that it wasn't your fault.