HAL NETKIN: Most of the input I'm getting regarding my support for Walter Moore is very positive. But there are a few throw-the-towel-in types who say that he can't possibly get enough votes to win. I disagree.

I supported Walter when he ran in 2005 against five so called major candidates including Mexican Nationalist, Antonio Villaraigosa, against whom he will again run in 2009 (if Villaraigosa doesn't decide to run for governor or maybe Obama's (if elected) cabinet).

Hearing and watching Walter debate the other candidates in 2005, I concluded that no one can stand up to his charisma and articulation. The problem was that Walter was blackballed by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Alliance from appearing in the major live TV debates. It's clear that the Los Angeles political power machine didn't want to deal with Walter's pragmatic solutions by branding him an unimportant candidate.

The bottom line to winning an election in Los Angeles is determined by how much money you have. But Walter doesn't need to raise the kind of money the other candidates can, for him to win. He badly needs your contributions. As of this writing, Walter has raised enough funds to receive matching fund from the state. This makes Walter a bona fide mayoral candidate. But the L.A. Times and the L.A. cabals are still trying keep the media blackout on him. It is for this reason that Walter needs your help
To hear an example of Walter Moore in a video recorded debate on L.A.'s KABC Radio featured on Lou Dobbs. Click here.

For a summary of where the candidates stood on the issues when Walter ran in 2005, Click Here

He'll get the votes he needs to win with more advertising.

IMPORTANT: You don't have to live in Los Angeles to donate. Remember, L.A.'s problems are America's problems.

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Save America by saving Los Angeles
Save Los Angeles by electing Walter Moore for Mayor
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DISCLAIMER: WatchdogAmerica, a non-profit Political Recipient Committee, is independently supporting Walter Moore. Absolutely no funds collected by the Committee to Elect Walter Moore are funneled to WatchdogAmerica or its president, Hal Netkin in any way nor is WatchdogAmerica charging a fee to Walter Moore for services.

with more contributions to pay for expensive advertising. I want to thank the many of you who have contributed to Watchdog America (this site). Having said that, I humbly ask that you hold off on any contributions to Watchdog America and instead donate to Walter Moore for Mayor. And for those of you who have never contributed to Watchdog America, break the precedent by donating to Walter Moore.