Feedback on my appeal to vote for Mitt Romney
On January 30, I sent this email to everyone on my subscriber list:
Many of you want to vote your conscience -- you don't want to choose the lesser of two evils. That's great, but what if the greater of those two evils was suicide, would you hesitate to choose the lesser of those two evils?

A vote for Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul is a vote for John McCain. And a vote for John McCain is a vote for national suicide.

Vote your conscience with your kids and grandkids in mind.
Before I end my campaign to elect Mitt Romney, here are the results: Lost three offended Ron Paul supporters and got four Ron Paul supporters to pledge their vote to Mitt Romney. The following is some feedback from other subscribers.
yup, that's why i voted for romney. i made my mom do so as well.
At this point, I agree. McCain, of course, is an opportunist, Democrat. His temper annoys me. I still think he was given favorable treatment as a hostage in Vietnam and betrayed his fellow prisoners.
I'll vote for Romney.  Sometimes I feel that our vote really doesn't matter who is going to "win" the next presidential election is pre-arranged!!!  There are so many forces "behind the scenes"  working to destroy America.  You know the U.S. is for sale!
There are people like George Tzuris (I deliberately spelled it that way.)  He was thrown out of  France for trying to manipulate the government.  Now he is trying (with his billions) to manipulate our elections.  What about all the secret societies who move quietly to do the same.
My frustration lies with our own citizenry who is so indifferent and apathetic and couldn't care less what happens to the U.S.  Illegal Aliens march through our streets with no fear whatsoever. Afterall, why should they have any fear.  They know nothing will happen to them. and we offer them more free benefits then American citizens.  Do we have a country left?  This situation has been going on for 25-30 years.  We are paying for our own destruction.
Your website is wonderful.  I don't know how you handle it all. The stress must be so difficult to handle.
Hal, I totally agree John McCain is way to liberal for me. Anyone can see that Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Paul do not stand and chance in winning I can't speak for my wife, but I will be voting for Mr. Mitt Romney.
I hope that you and yours are doing well. Keep up the good fight.
ROMMNEY IN 08 !!!!!!!!!!!
I totally agree with you, Hal. McCain would be a disaster. If he's the nominee, then the candidates of both parties would be democrats...if you get my drift.
Other than his heroics in Viet Nam, he's a pussy. He went to Kennedy and asked if he approved his amnesty bill.
I could go on and on...
hey there Hal,
I know of what you speak here for I'm torn also and do follow what you are saying......  this vote is going to be one of the most difficult in my life as previous years were fairly easy (just pick the best one cause the rest are all the same), and to be honest, i never thought that i could vote for Romney!  having my heart set on Paul but hearing about his wishy-washy immigration voting record from various sources along with McCain and his RINO ways at the forefront in many (if not all?) of the primaries, the seriousness of this country's situation can't be taken lightly --  so to put it mildly, i'm feeling your pain!
one thing's for sure is every week it's getting more interesting seeing as candidates are dropping by the wayside like flies and the endorsements are something to behold making it at least entertaining lol  can't wait to see what happens next sigh......
take care and have a good day.
no problem --  back in the 80's RP definately would have made a huge inpact, but just like most things they're a day late and a $ short......  humphhh! speaking of $$$s , what about this rebate "thing" that is being attempted? won't believe it/spend anything extra till I see it, and wouldn't it be more reasonable to do this combined with income tax returns so as to save time/money from further govt waste??   oh well, i guess common sense is pretty much out the window these days lol.........
take care and have a pleasant weekend~~
I really don't know who I will vote for this year but you can bet it WON'T be Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul  and I'd cut my arm off before I'd vote for McCain.  Doesn't really leave a large field does it ?  Maybe this is the year I won't vote, but then that would be bad because I wouldn't be voting against anyone either.
If it's Hillary and John, I may stay home.
It is time to start talking publicly about Plan B - if the Republican candidate is not a conservative we can trust. We will probably know whether Plan B is necessary after next Tuesday.
My Plan B is the Constitution Party - if they nominate a conservative (which is entirely likely).  That party has the necessary voting infrastructure in place to permit electoral victory.
If McCain is the nominee, he will be destroyed by the mainstream media for all the right reasons, and will lose.  We might as well vote third party - it won't make a difference in the November outcome - unless the grassroots can get its 1/3rd plus number of votes!  With the Internet, that is at least possible.  I do not buy the Republican argument that a vote for a third party is a vote for the Democratic nominee, especially if their nominee is just a poor imitation.
We The People have been saying in the primary voting "None of the Above" pretty clearly!  We would welcome a conservative choice we could trust!  And that would be consistent with your advice about McCain!