Feedback: Why I won't vote for Ron Paul,
And why I will vote for Mitt Romney
My challange to Ron Paul supporters to help me understand why they would vote for someone for president who would not put troops on the borders nor sanction employers for knowingly hiring illegal aliens has left me the clear winner in this debate. That's because no Ron Paul supporter has offered up even a bad argument -- nothing!

I am referred to videos about the perils to the U.S. by the CFR. I am given hearsay testimonials about how I would be convinced of Ron Paul for president if only I had been to the personal meeting with him in Nevada. I am referred to a list of endorsements of Ron Paul as proof that he is the only choice for president -- but no one can tell me what Ron Paul's detailed plan is to end illegal immigration. Three Ron Paul supporters were so offended by my stance, that they requested to be un-subscribed.

I have devoted this page with your emails and my comments on the subject. I will list them from top down -- top being the most recent. I reply to some in red.
Ron Paul is a cult figure and has been for years.  He has a cult following just like the other Ron, L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.  There is no reasoning with these people.  You could not get then to think seriously about challenges to RP's plans any more than you could get Tom Cruise to go to a psychiatrist (though he is in dire need of one).  You are pretty much wasting your time with these "true believers" -- they've sipped the Kool-ade and there's no going back for them.  I shudder to think what will happen when RP doesn't get the nomination.  If they are anything like the other Ron's followers, things could get ugly fast.  They are already out there with their torches and pitchforks trying to get the NH vote recounted. Make a Comment to Hal EM 001 (optional)
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I'm a little suprised by the endorsement and not sure if you have all the facts concerning Dr. Paul. For starters, Ron Paul has endorsed The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce one of the largest organizations paying lobbyists on Capitol Hill to promote an Amnesty. His endorsement has been sent out over the internet. Not sure if you have read it, if not, I can send it over to you.
Second, Ron Paul was neither a vocal or pro-active member of Tom Tancredo's immigration reform caucus in congress. Think of all the press conferences and special order speeches that Tom gave in The US House. Was Ron Paul ever standing with him? The answer is no. Virgil Goode, Charlie Norwood, and Steve King were almost always standing shoulder to shoulder with Tom. This is interesting since Ron Paul's District is in Austin, Texas a border state with high numbers of illegals. Also, how many US House Bills did Ron Paul write/sponsor/co-sponsor in the last 10 years as a House Member from Texas?  I have spent the last 12 years in our immigration reform movement and can tell you for sure that Ron Paul has not been a leader on curtailing immigration. Should you care to not believe me call/email some of my friends who have been in this movement even longer than I, like Barb Coe, Terry Anderson, Lupe Moreno, Sandy Miller etc. etc.  None, I repeat none of them will endorse Ron Paul.
Remember, Ron Paul is a former Liberatarian and ran for President as one. That party's fundamental philosophy is to have open borders and they view ICE and The Border Patrol as enemies that will lead us towards a police state.
Lets move on from immigration for a moment. Did you get a chance to see Ron Paul in The ABC Debate on Saturday Night? In my humble opinion he looked and sounded awful. Instead of staying focused on the key issues he picked a fight with the other candidates about why Al=Queda attackes us and at times he seemed almost sypathetic to Al-Queda. This showed very poor judgement from a strategic and public policy position. Face facts, Ron Paul is a lousy public  speaker and an even worse debator which is why he is not moving up in this race even though people are foolishy throwing money at him via web donations.
To Ron Paul's credit he did bring up a critical aspect of our economy in last nights debate, talking about the effect of inflation on the middle class. I agree with you that Dr. Paul would oppose an SPP or NAU style pact but, we cannot overlook the entire body of work especially his unwillingness to take a lead role in Congress against illegal immigration.
The reason Ron Paul is getting the internet funding is because many conservatives want him to be the savior that he is not. Bottom Line,  Ron Paul is no Pat Buchanan or Tom Tancredo. If he were, don't you think Tom would have endorsed Ron instead on Mitt Romney? Don't you believe that Bay Buchanan would have went to work for Ron Paul instead of Romney?
The fact that Tom Tancredo endorsed Romney and Bay Buchanan went to work for Romney should give us some pause. We should reflect on what Tom may know about Romney that is not public information yet. For example, maybe Romney, if elected, would make Tom Tancredo a Border Czar or appoint him to The Homeland Security Post. After several long discussions with the other candidates maybe Tom Tancredo felt Romney was the most genuine of the field on this issue. I think we should respect Tom's judgement. He has never steered us wrong and has always been a straight shooter.  I can understand the scrutiny being heaped upon Romney. He is far from great on all the issues and I have serious reservations about his Health Care Plan. However, he may be the best of the field and may have the best chance to win. I wish Sen. Thompson had been a more aggresive campaigner. He may have been a viable option for us.  The others (McCain, Huckabee and Guiliani are simply not options for us). Ron Paul seems to be in left field with no real chance at winning. Having the chance to win should not be a pre-cursor for an endorsement but, getting Tom Tancredo's endorsement should at least give us pause to seriously consider Romney. After all Tom Tancredo is the Gold Standard on immigration reform and the unquestionable leader of our movement.
This letter is not designed to criticize your decision to pick Ron Paul as much as it is to inform you with more info. You and The members of Stopxx SPP are valuable and your efforts on these important issues deserve a thank you. My point is that all of us need to take a step back and try to learn more about Tancredo's endorsement between now and The California Primary. Make a Comment to Hal EM 002 (optional)
Thanks, Hal.  I thought I would vote for Ron Paul but your comments have changed my mind.  Illegal (and legal!) immigration permeates everything and determines my vote.  Whatch think of Mitt?
While Mitt Romney is far from perfect, as a would-be president, he has been clear as to what he will do to stop illegal immigration: no Amnesty, no touchback, workplace enforcement, no federal aid to sanctuary cities... Romney's past record even had Glenn Spencer of American Patrol speculating as to whether Romney would be good on illegal immigration. Moreover, I believe that Romney is the only presidential candidate who can beat Hillary or Obama.
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Dear Hal,
I just read your three-part series on Ron Paul. Powerful stuff, though it could have used a re-write.
Paul has attracted a weird combination of inimical groups (I suppose that is true of many a candidate), most dramatically, libertarians who may not care a fig about the borders, and immigration reformers who, following the failures of Tancredo and Hunter, have projected their frustrated passions onto Paul.
My fear is that Romney is going to be just another establishment candidate who whispers sweet nothings in our ear, has his way with us, and then leaves us in the lurch, breaking our hearts.
P.S. I think the media are promoting McCain, just so they can "expose" him as a dangerous, intolerant lunatic after the convention, and thereby guarantee a socialist victory.
If Romney stiffs us on his promises there's still WE THE PEOPLE. We have the power that was displayed when two recent attempts where made by the senate to give away America.   Make a Comment to Hal EM 004 (optional)
There appears to be no hope with the Republicrat parties on this issue of a trustworthy nominee!
Start pushing Plan B!  Lou Dobbs for President (or Dr. Jerome Corsi!).
Do the math!  If the Demos split (i.e., Bloomberg), and we go for a real security-conscious candidate, a third party candidate is more than feasible!        Make a Comment to Hal EM 005 (optional)
Your description tells me that you've been dealing with RP zealots, no doubt about it.
When I ask them what defines a strict constitutionalist, they don't know. When they say, "If you could just meet with him personally, you'd know he's the right man," I tell them to let me know when they've been able to arrange an audience with The Great Man.  Is he some Rasputin that mesmerizes people from using their brains?
Ronniacs, Pauliacs, Paulies (like Moonies), and Kool-Aid drinkers.  Make a Comment to Hal EM 006 (optional)
Hal, see attachment.  27 major endorsements for Ron Paul
Too bad you weren't at our private immigration meeting last Tuesday in Vegas with Ron Paul or that you didn't get one of the three detailed reports that went out about that meeting.  You could have saved yourself some writing.
Paul is absolutely the BEST candidate for securing America, especially now that Hunter and Tancredo are out of the race.
I'll take Tom Tancredo's endorsement of Mitt Romney over Ron Paul's endorsements any day.
Sorry I wasn't present at that meeting. But please tell us what Ron Paul said when you asked him if he would put troops on the border. Also, what did he say when you asked him how he would deal with work-place enforcement? What did RP say when you asked him how he would deal with driver's licenses for illegals?
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Hal, Thanks for your report on Ron Paul.  I had read enough about him that I simply did not trust him re: important immigration issues. Me thinks we are betwixt a rock and a hard place.
If you watched Lou Dobbs today he had Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox on that stopped any issuance of Drivers Licenses to illegals using Federal Constitutional law. The Secty of State agreed with him. We need to push that in all states. Maybe you can get more info on it. I read closed captioning  and it was garbeled.
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Could it be that you are opposed to Ron Paul because he is opposed to giving aid to Israel?
I was waiting for this -- a Ron Paul supporter who is incapable of dealing with the illegal immigration issue to come out of the woodwork with what appears to be a hidden reason for supporting Ron Paul which has nothing to do with illegal immigration in the here-and-now. I started this forum to try to persuade any Ron Paul supporter to explain in detail what his plan was to end illegal immigration. So far, I haven't even gotten a bad argument.
For the record, I am opposed to giving aid to any country unless it is of a vital interest to the U.S. I will be glad to argue with you another time as to whether aid to Israel is in America's interest, but right now I'd like to know Ron Paul's plan to deal with illegal immigration. I can only conclude that neither you nor any other Ron Paul supporter is willing to come forward with the plan.
You might want to take a look at this link.
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If, god forbid, Ron Paul were the Republican nominee and Obama or Clinton were the Democratic nominee, I would vote for Ron Paul
- Hal Netkin
Okay, okay, you are not voting for Ron Paul!  Just who are you voting for?  I'm voting for Duncan Hunter in the Primaries. Why? He's out of the race you say?  Because his name is on the ballot,and, he is pro border fence, pro family, pro military, and, pro gun rights!  Why would any patriiot republican in California  not vote for Duncan Hunter?  I and others are not busting our butts on the Campo,CA border daily so some "lessor of two or three evil" gets in the White House....we already did that with Bush! 
Serving with for our country what our government won't.
My first consideration is: what will the presidential candidate do with regards to illegal immigration. I place any other issue such as the CFR, weakened dollar, One World Order, low on the president's to-do list. That's because the illegal immigration crises will take our country from us before a "libertarian savior" can fix it.
This is not between a "lesser of two evils" vote -- this is between loosing our country now or keeping it long enough to make changes so we won't loose it later.
The question I ask myself in deciding who I will vote for is: do I trust my preferred candidate to keep his promises?
I trust Mitt Romney more than any other candidate left in the running.
Now let me tell you why not voting for Romney will be cutting your nose off to spite your face.
The Republican race has boiled down to two candidates: Romney and McCain. If McCain wins, we will have a worse president than either Clinton or Obama. Click here to find out why.
As I have said many times, presidents don't need congressional permission to enforce existing laws. So will Romney enforce existing law as he says he will? I trust him more than any of the others to do what he says.
Your vote for a candidate who isn't even in the running, is one more vote for John McCain and one vote to loosing American now.
So I go with Mitt Romney. I hope you will too.                                          Make a Comment to Hal EM 010 (optional)
He is not great, but the lesser evil of all the evils.  He gets my vote too.
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I fully agree with you about Ron Paul.  Besides, some of the supporters of his that I've met are scary.  "Cult" is right.
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Hal, I am not a big Romney supporter, but I will be voting for him because he IS the lesser of the evils. Or maybe he's not evil, but he's not as good as I want.
But for the children who yell at you on your website, I just hope that some day that they will realize that politics is not so much about what you WANT, but rather it is about getting as close AS YOU CAN to what you want.
The passion of the SICK, FANATICAL, DISTURBED, IMMATURE, Ron Paul fanatics will NOT translate into his nomination nor ultimate Presidency. Duncan Hunter is NOT an option, and McAmnesty and Hucksterbee are DISASTROUS NIGHTMARES. If Romney is not the Republican candidate, then there will be no reason at all for me to vote for President this year.
It's time for the children to grow up and GET REAL.
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