September 19, 2010

The Mexican Government has heretofore turned a blind eye to drug wars: "we don't care if criminals kill criminals." But the criminal gangs now target Mexican journalists, law enforcement officers, and politicians who oppose them. Killings in the border city of Juarez is so prevalent, that Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz moved his family to El Paso for safety. Criminal gangs now kidnap innocent Mexican civilians for extortion and innocent victims are killed in crossfire.

Not able to grant amnesty to millions of illegal Aliens through political means, I believe that the Obama administration is intentionally ignoring the enforcement of our immigration laws in order to take advantage of the growing criminal violence in Mexico to create a one party nation with the biggest Democrat voting block in American history, which will render the Republican party extinct. By granting Political Asylum to millions of illegal aliens already in the U.S. and the expected tsunami of migrants from Mexico and central American migrants who will pretend they are from Mexico, will all convincingly claim that they will be in danger by criminal gangs if they went back to Mexico. The Dems will have achieved their goal.

- By Hal Netkin
If you can't grant amnesty through political means, do it with Political Asylum