- By Hal Netkin

I'M NOT REALLY A TERRORIST. But some may want to criticize this posting because they believe that it is a way of giving terrorists new ideas. But terrorists who are smart enough to learn how to fly airliners into high rise buildings don't need any advice from me in coming up with new creative ways in setting off weapons of mass destruction. The real objective of this feature is not to give terrorists ideas, but to wake up those responsible for the security of America. Politicians and bureaucrats like Barack Hussein Obama, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Peloci, Harry Reid, and now presidential candidate Hillary Clinton - those that don't learn from history. They keep repeating history thinking that "this time" there will be a favorable outcome.

In order to create panic and fear, I will terrorize Los Angeles with the objective of murdering hundreds or thousands of Americans including children.

In deciding which American city to attack, I will consider how lax that city is in enforcing its immigration laws. A good choice is Los Angeles. Next I will decide which type of WMD (weapon of mass destruction) to use in the attack. Because L.A. does zero enforcement of illegal vending, a good choice is FOOD POISONING. I choose this because the plotting would go virtually unnoticed.

Before launching the attack, I will invest some time to learn to speak Spanish (I'm already conversant in Spanish) and study the Mexican culture (Being married to a Latina, I'm familiar with the culture now).

I will go through an analysis based on past history to determine what to do and what not to do to achieve a successful WMD attack. But first, to show the vulnerability of America's populations to be poisoned on a mass scale, watch this 20 minute video.

If I were a Pakistani terrorist,  the first thing I would do is develop a strategy to get into the U.S. I would travel as a tourist to Mexico. There's not much red tape in getting from Pakistan into Mexico -- almost all Mexican immigration officials will accept bribes -- I'll make sure to have plenty of money with me. Next, I  a would find a coyote (smuggler) who will guide me across the U.S. / Mexico border. It's easy for anyone to make contact with a smuggler -- I will just stand around on Avenida Reforma in Mexico City as if I am looking to meet someone and soon I will be approached by a smuggler. If I am stopped by a Mexican cop becauseI look suspicious, l'l just hand him a US $100 dollar bill and he will personally put me in contact with a smuggler. Professional smugglers know where the best spots along the new fence are that are easily crossed. I will be sure to dress properly for the crossing because the new Secretary of the DHS, Janet Nepolitano, says that she wants the border patrol to arrest only bad illegal aliens who are drug smugglers and terrorists -- not (as Arizona Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords says), good illegal aliens who just want to wash dishes. Although ICE claims it doesn't profile, I wouldn't bet on it. I wouldn't dress to look like any of these guys. I would want to look like a dish washer or someone who fits in this group.
- Before I would leave Mexico, I would be sure to pick up the handbook put out by the Mexican government to give me good pointers on how to sneak into the U.S.
- When I launch my attack, I don't want to commit suicide. If I did, then I wouldn't be able to pull off another terrorist attack in the future (not to worry, Allah will still reward me with 72 virgins whenever I do die).
- In the 20 minute video, Shilah used a salmonella strain in her attack which just made people sick. But to be rewarded by Allah, I will use anthrax to kill the infidels.
- My coyote will have one of his connections on the U.S. side transport me to Los Angeles. Once I get to Los Angeles, I will disguise myself as an illegal alien -- the LAPD will not hassle me if I look like an illegal alien. As this video shows, Special Order 40 will prevent the LAPD from asking me about my immigration status.
- The city and county of Los Angeles will help me get established. I will go to the Office of Immigrant Affairs and the County of Public Social Services. I won't need any ID. I will simply make up a name. These organization will take my word for it and won't ask me about my immigration status.
- To pull off a BioAttack, I will look and act like an illegal alien vendor. The carts these vendors use are ideal for concealing explosives or poisoned food (the LAPD needs a search warrent to search carts). If I really want to make a hit with Allah, I will Poison children. The LAPD doesn't enforce the law against illegal vending, so I won't have to go through the trouble of buying a vendor license or a health certificate from the Department of Health.
- I won't carry any ID because the LAPD has a No-ID-and-Walk policy. If I am asked for an ID, I won't be able to produce one, I will be let go and sent on my way.
- But I will need a Matricula Consular ID in order to launch a BioAttack in a federal building. Federal buildings use metal detectors, but a small vile of anthrax won't be detected. All federal building have snack bars. You can spray anthrax in the food at the snack bar.

Now you may be wondering if the FBI is reading this web page and will come to arrest me. Not to worry. I have written the Former Secretary of the DHS, Tom Ridge, the FBI, the 9/11 commission, and scores of congress representative and the LAPD Police Chief on this issue. They have all ignored me.