Is our immigration system broken?
NO! Our immigration system is just fine. It's not broken and thus doesn't need fixing -- what it needs is enforcement of existing laws.

U.S. Government virtually invites illegal immigration.
I am often asked: "If you were a poor Mexican, wouldn't you sneak into the U.S. so that you could have a better life for you and your family?" My answer is: If the U.S. invited me, I wouldn't hesitate.

Humans, just like animals, have two basic defense systems -- fight or flight. When the choices are to fight your own corrupt government for your rights and a better life or accept America's virtual invitation to migrate illegally with little or no punitive consequences, the choice is obvious.

Perhaps if our immigration laws had always been enforced, Mexicans (and other 3rd worlders) would have made the choice to fight for a better life in their own country. Every third world person aspiring to move to the U.S. knows that if you can get past the border, it is virtually legal to be illegal. This is a virtual invitation to sneak across the border.

In what ways does the U.S. government, states, and cities invite illegal immigration?
Sanctuary cities
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, San Diego, Houston, are just a few of the sanctuary cities in the U.S. Sanctuary cities like Los Angeles make offers for services to illegal aliens by assuring them that their immigrations status doesn't matter. The city has created the Office of Immigrant Affairs even though the county already has such an agency -- neither of which asks for proof of legal residency.
-- Sanctuary cities allow illegal vending. (click here and here).
-- Sanctuary cities accept unverifiable IDs from illegal aliens.
-- Some sanctuary cities even allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections.

Tax Fraud: The federal government knowingly allows illegal aliens to file taxes to bilk the system.

Health care costs for illegal aliens

Cost of educating children of illegal aliens in Los Angeles County alone

Cost of incarcerating illegal aliens in Los Angeles County alone

How much is illegal immigration costing California?

Is illegal immigration in California causing the financial crises?
Not all of the $24 billion deficit, but according to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger illegal aliens cost California $4 billion to $5 billion annually (it's probably much more, but giving Schwarzenegger the benefit of the doubt, reducing the deficit by $4 billion to $5 billion would be a good start in fixing it.).

California's future
As California goes deeper in debt, tax payers are leaving the state while tax consumers are arriving to the state. In spite of the pink elephant in the room, the majority of California's legislature keep fueling entitlement programs to illegal aliens without regard to the future consequences -- the impending complete bankruptcy -- and the federal government won't be able to bail out California because the federal government will need it's own bailout from China.

The scenario I have presented is bad. But it doesn't hold a candle to the impending economic catastrophe if President Obama can make good on his promise of amnesty.
Editors Note: Technically, a state cannot go "bankrupt." It can run out of money and default on its financial obligations, but it cannot get protection from creditors under the Bankruptcy Code. Political subdivisions of a state, like cities and counties can go bankrupt under the Bankruptcy Code, but not the state. In this article, what is really meant is that California is close to defaulting on its financial obligations because of a lack of money.