Posted June 07, 2011
Senator Lindsey Doesn't know WWII history
or thinks we the people don't know it.
The senator said we shouldn't offend Muslims because it endangers our military -- comparing this with WWII policy for the public not to say anything that would give the enemy confidential information that could be used against our GIs
-by Hal Netkin
I was nine years old when the war ended in 1945. I well remember that all during the war, there were government sponsored public ads on radio, in newspapers, busses, street posters and just about anywhere you looked that said things like: "Loose lips sink ships" or "Don't tell strangers what they don't need to know" or "Keep it to yourself" or "Keep your knowledge at the defense plant." This was to keep any sensitive information known to those who worked in defense plants and from letters received from our boys fighting overseas from getting into the wrong hands. They didn't say don't offend our enemies because it might make them mad.
In fact, almost anywhere you looked you would see posters like those below:
Germany          Italy                 Japan
Hitler           Mussolini              Tojo
In late 1940, Charley Chaplin released "The Great Dictator" (one of five of his "Talkies"), a spoof depicting Adolf Hitler as a mega-maniac who wants to take over the world. Hitler was outraged over this. You didn't hear President Roosevelt say 'cool it, you might offend the Nazis'