Glendora, CA 91741
June 8, 2007

Senator Edward Kennedy
United States Senate

Dear Senator Kennedy:              Re: S- 1348

You were quoted by today’s Los Angeles Times as saying, “It makes no sense to fold our tent, and I certainly don’t intend to”. In this vein, have you learned anything about how to do it better?

S-1348 was a monstrosity written (primarily) by yourself, the Typhoid Mary of American immigration, - by President Bush, arguably the worst president in American history, - and by a few in the Senate, arguably one of the worst assemblies in U.S. history. Americans don’t need President Bush & Senators Kennedy, Reid & McCain, et al, to liberate them from the rigors of self-determination by legislation written in the dark, legislation containing hundreds of pages of inscrutable mice type.

S-1348 failed because it placed the welfare of illegal aliens far above the welfare of innocent American workers & taxpayers. S-1348, in its present format, was little more than a cyanide pill for our nation, a pill to be ingested by innocent American workers & taxpayers. All this baloney about “bringing them out-of-the-shadows” was a monument to dissimulation. Gullible Americans were supposed to swallow the nonsense that “bringing them out of the shadows so they could pursue the American dream”, was justification for winking at the following claymores and time bombs.

No justification of the economic necessity for hundreds of thousands of annual foreign guest workers. No one in yours’ or the President’s circle ever presented a scintilla of evidence regarding the economic necessity for guest workers. There is no such evidence. 

No justification for dramatic increases in legal immigration. This legislation ignored the horrors of overpopulation and degradation of the nation’s carrying capacity. A population of 76 million in 1900, - 301 million now, - 600 million by mid-22nd-Century.

No financials were included in S-1348 about the costs to absorb all these illegals & new immigrants, and pay for their social services, estimated to be in the $ trillions. Neither the President nor you requested such an analysis from the GAO. One wonders what the two of you are afraid of?

The logistics of implementing S-1348 would have been virtually impossible to overcome. This legislation would have tripled the workload at CIS - an agency already at its breaking point and on its knees. A core provision in this bill was the massive "Z visa" amnesty - whereby virtually all of the 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the country could become lawfully able to renew the visa indefinitely, - until they die.

Negligible protection for unskilled American workers who would have been forced to continue competing with illegal aliens for the same jobs. The only protection our workers would have received in S-1348 were affidavits from hiring employers about the unavailability of American workers; affidavits from the very same dirtbag employers who’d been violating our immigration laws for years. There must be foolproof protection for American workers, not worthless affidavits.

S-1348 provided substantial financial advantages to illegal alien students that were far superior to those provided to American students.

There were sneaky provisions in S-1348 to pay illegal aliens social security benefits for the time they worked here illegally, even if they were paid in cash.

More than five years after 9-11, hundreds of thousands of penniless illegal aliens continue to flood across our borders. Is it rocket science to understand that well-trained & financed terrorists can also do the same? Yet you and the President, and some of your ideological buddies, seemed content to roll-the-dice with our security by linking this peril with Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Why can’t our borders be sealed before other immigration issues are understood & become law? Isn’t it more important to seal our borders before giving Social Security & college tuition benefits to illegal aliens?

Instead of your approach to Comprehensive Immigration Reform, something I call “déjà voodoo”, I suggest, for openers, that you remember to words of  Abraham Lincoln, “If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but can't fool all the people all the time.”

Also the words of former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm are grabbers, "We are not attacking the human worth of individual immigrants, each snowflake in an avalanche is beautiful. America is the world's lifeboat. Overload it and we all sink. Of the more than 6 billion people in the world, billions of them, if given half a chance, would gladly jump aboard our lifeboat and help sink our overloaded ship. The American lifeboat is well worth saving, and it can yet be saved, but it will be only if we as a nation muster the courage and the will to close our borders to all illegal entries. “

It’s going to be far more difficult the next time for you & President Bush because it will then be out in the sunlight.



Michael Scott