A Modest Proposal by Rabbi Nachum Shifren
1)  "Multi-culturalism" will be the nail in the coffin for our country. It has ruined our schools, giving license to and legitimacy for groups like MEChA, LULAC, GLADD, and other seditious malcontents bent on destroying our nation. There is a substantial number of Black and Latino educators and administrators who, in the words of our dear Art Torres as Chairman of California Democrat Party who said "[Proposition] 187 was the last gasp of white America in California," and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez who will stop at nothing until they have seen "the last gasp of White America." That means: You and I, and all others, no matter what their race or ethnicity, that care about survival for our great country. We are being balkanized, divided in the classic fashion of the Communist Manifesto, in order to create a society of finger-pointers and victims, necessary to complete the take-over of our country.
2) A complete and draconian revolution of our government schools is in order. Instead of mantras like "Dare To Keep Kids Off Drugs", we need "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" Unfortunately, I had to ask my principal for two years to get a flag for our class. No pledge of allegiance, no patriotism, but plenty of bi-lingual babble about "inclusiveness" and "cultural sensitivity." Innercity schools are simmering cauldrons of anti-white, anti-Christian values that are a direct threat to all of us. There are no more suburbs to run to. The war we face is against an enemy that seeks to neutralize the character of the family and Judeo-Christian values and turn them into "regressive" and archaic messages, unable to bear the onslaught of Leftist hate propaganda. Let no one dare ever say, "Be a Man!" or "Be a Woman!", since these roles have long been interchangeable and blurred by the Leftist ideologues. In fact, our youth is confused and thirsting for real role models, real people with an altruistic message based upon our American heritage of language, culuture, and belief in G-d.

3) A radical change must take place in the attitudes of the very innercity "minority" teachers (by the way, I'm also a minority teacher, being a white, orthodox rabbi!). There can no longer be the luxury of social promotion and letting the kids continue to be dumbed-down till summer vacation, having survived one more year until pension time! A high-profile group of super-patriots among Black and Hispanic educators must be vigorously supported. They will need our support in the face of the racist "community activists" who refuse to have the academic bar raised for their children, crying "racism" each time tougher standards are implimented. Note that when the Calif. Exit Exam was approved by the State Supreme Court, riots occured at many of our schools. The issue at hand was a uniform exam proving proficiency in math and English. Why all the stress, you may have asked? Simple: the "impossible" high standard for graduating seniors (they had to pass an 8th-grade-level English exam and a 7th-grade-level math exam!) We have become the laughing stock of every modern country in the world. Here at home, California is ranked as on the bottom of states with the worst academic profiles

4) Courage and nerves of steel will be needed for all those that want to make a change in the demographic makeup of our schools. Let none dare call himself a patriot and protector of our schools if he nonchalantly agrees with the total takeover by illegal aliens, causing a massive lowering of standards, not to mention the financial nightmare of paying for tuitions, breakfast and lunch programs, schools health insurances, and the corrupted "bi-lingual" plague that has throttled all progress and paths to assimilation. Unless this issue is dealt with in a robust and high-profile manner, we will lose the very character of our society and go the way of the Third World countries.

5) Lastly, there is, for lack of a better term, an incredible "wimp" factor among our students. Data about 30% obeisity and higher doesn't seem to bother anyone. Kids have forgotten penmanship while they drown in computer and video games. Critical thinking is absolutely lacking. There is a torpor that cries out to the heavens, while the destroyers and communists rush head-long with their goals. Our children are ripe for a Leftist/fascist demagogue to tell them what to do! We need to get control of the the boards and shapers in each district. Institute immediately a return of ROTC to all campuses. Kids need to have radically increased physical fitness programs. No, not more checkers or "walking" classes, but a full assault of jogging, pull-ups, sit-ups,  and proper nutruition awareness. The destruction of the traditional families, thanks to the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other racist Black leaders with their mantra of victimization and "blame the white man," have resulted in a complete lack of accountability in many of our city schools and communities. The answer is some bitter, and immediate medicine that will bring sanity and cohesiveness back to our society. Driver's licenses, proms, vacations--everything is put on hold until students are up to speed academically. The above mentioned comes from an 18-year veteran of L.A. City Schools who has seen our society plunge, while the apologists do nothing. The fight we face is not for the timid, but let us understand that inaction will increase our present malaise and prison populations, with increased gang activity, and further social chaos. The time to act is now.