Stephen Cunliffe
CEO, Nestle Corp.
Hand-Held Food Group
800 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203

October 29, 2006

Dear Mr. Cunliffe:

Recently, the Save Our State organization held a protest rally against illegal alien day laborers at the Home Depot (a day labor site) located at 21218 Roscoe Blvd, Canoga Park, CA.

During the rally, your contractor showed up to employ on Nestle's behalf, three illegal alien day laborers in which there was a verbal confrontation with your contractor. The event was video recorded which showed the man's badge bearing the following identification:

Nestle Prepared Food Division
Hand Held Group
Contractor #705
The California license number of his vehicle is 7K05906

I have enclosed a CD Video with a recording of the event in which your contractor made disgusting obscene racist remarks. It is true that some of the comments by the Save Our State group were impolite, but they don't represent Nestle.

I'm sure you are aware that the hiring of illegal alien day laborers is against federal law -- even if it's by your contractor (as Wal-mart recently found out).

By way of this letter, as president of (a California registered Political Action Recipient Committee), I respectfully demand:

1. The offending contractor be fired at once.
2. A promise by Nestle to take measures to prevent the future hiring of unauthorized workers.
3. A public apology.

Failure to comply with our demands will result in a national boycott of your products similar to the successful boycott against the Miller brewing company by the Miller Boycott coalition of which is a member. You may visit the boycott website here:

If you comply with our demands, the matter will be dropped by us. However, since this is an open letter posted to, we cannot control any of the actions of others.

I look forward to your quick response which we will post on the internet.


Hal Netkin