June 24, 2012,

Last week, President Obama made an illegal arbitrary decree (not an executive order) ordering the Department of Homeland Security to issue two year work permits to illegal aliens who were brought to the U.S. by their parent through no fault of their own and who meet certain criteria. These "children" are commonly called "Dreamers."

Obama's fiat is supposed to be to forgive children for the law breaking by their parents. But because the main condition is that they must have entered the U.S. at or before the age of 16, illegal aliens who are now age 31 would qualify if they have a high school diploma, have served in the military (this would reward someone who lied about their U.S. citizenship in order to join the military). These folks are not children - they are adults.

The argument that these "Dreamers" were innocent children who had no choice when their parents illegally brought them to this country may be true. But they are no longer children. Most are of legal age. And as responsible adults, they have an obligation to obey the laws of this nation and that begins by establishing legal residency – as millions of legal immigrants have done.

If it is their parents' fault, that begs the question as to why their parents aren't punished. The Dreamers who have been living, working, and attending school illegally in the U.S say they are worried about being deported. So why aren't the Dreamers worried about their parents being deported?

If we have learned any lessons from the original 1986 amnesty, we know that there will be no efficient way to verify information provided by the Dreamers. Between fraud and tens of thousands of illegal aliens age 31 and under rushing to get their GEDs after the fact, you can bet that the 800,000 illegal aliens said to qualify will turn into millions.

Can congress come up with any plan for Dreamers? Here's what I would do: Adopt a modified version of Marco Rubio's plan. His plan would offer Dreamers all the benefits of legal permanent residents without the possibility of obtaining U.S. citizenship.

Here's what else is needed:

1. Birthright citizenship should be done away with first. The Supreme Court should rule on birthright citizenship, If ruled constitutional, then congress must act to repeal this absurd law.

2. Our military guarding the borders of foreign countries should be recalled to guard our own borders.

3. Attempts to illegally cross the border must carry stiff penalties..

4. Only illegal aliens who did not drop out of high school should qualify as a Dreamer - GED's don't count.

5. Make mandatory the use of E-Verify for all employers.

6. Dreamers would not be eligible to petition for their parents (that will be their parents punishment for bringing their children to the U.S. illegally) or relatives living abroad or in the U.S.

7. Reduce the number immigration visas by the number of Dreamers who qualify so as not to flood the job market with cheap immigrant labor to compete with Americans.

8. Dreamers should pay for college as out of country students.

Don't hold your breath.

- Hal Netkin