On Memorial Day we give thanks to those on whose shoulders we stand, and for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

Let me be frank and send a message you may not have heard: The youth in the public schools in which I teach cannot carry the torch of freedom. They Have been dumbed down and had every last vestige of patriotism put into question by a radical cabal of union leaders, in cahoots with our enemies, in tearing down everything this country stands for.

The good news: there is one American that has the courage to tell it like it is to our youth, to galvanize their energy into what the Forefathers sought for us all. In recent elections the first chapter of a resurging movement of citizens began who will regain their communities, and country, back from those who wish to bankrupt us both materially as well as spiritually.

How fitting, then, that I announce my candidacy for State Senate of California in 2010, with the image of Ole Glory waving proud and free, representing the committment of each of our friends and co-workers to realize the ultimate victory of individual and fiscal freedom for our state.

I salute every single veteran and pay tribute to the dream and struggle that you waged, and pledge that on my watch, we shall regain the greatness of the California that I knew as a youth. May G-d bless our troops, may G-d bless America.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Rabbi Nachum Shifren is a Lecturer and Author and candidate for California State Senate, District #26. If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn around America tomorrow."
- Rev Jesse Lee Petersen