To: Anti Defamation League

November 8, 2007

To Whom it may concern:

I viewed with great concern the mentioning of my dear friend, Ted Hayes, in an article about xenophobes and racists. The inference was made in the context of a story on the website of the ADL which purportedly highlighted anti Hispanic sentiments among Americans. Any mention of Mr. Hayes in this context is libelous and slanderous, an attempt by the ADL to blur the distinctions between those patriots who care about America's sovereignty and crass racists.

This scurrilous effort on the part of the ADL only further makes the point of their irreverence and their corrupted agendas while masquerading as "saviors" in the Jewish community! Nothing could be further than the truth. They have aligned themselves with radical Hispanic racist groups, who if they were in power, would be the first ones to denounce Jews and initiate Nazi-like agendas against them.

I am calling on the "ADL" to cease and desist in any linking of Mr. Hayes with racist or un-American groups. Let them instead turn their efforts into pro-American activities, goals which will guarantee the future survival of the Jewish people in this great country.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren