August 3, 2007


The appeal of the misdemeanor conviction of Roy Warden (aka “the Notorious Mexican Flag Burner”)  last December, for events arising out of Burning the Mexican Flag, will be heard at the Pima County Superior Courthouse this Monday, 10:00 am August 06, 2007, room 680 before Judge Edgar Acuna.

“During one of my public forums I told Judge Hays I would shove my conviction right up his keester”, said Warden. “On Monday I shall, or this case  goes right up to the appellate courts.”
One of the issues under appeal is Judge Hays’ allowing Pima County Legal Defender Isabel Garcia to “coach” the complaining witness, Arturo Rodriquez,  while he testified.  There are numerous witnesses to the incident, which denied Warden’s right to a fair trial.

“Judge Hays did nothing to protect me. KVOA news reporter Lupita Murillo saw the whole thing. Laura Leighton, a former translator for the Tucson City Public Defender, said it was the most outrageous conduct by an attorney she’d ever witnessed at trial.”

Warden, who is preparing for his third trial for Burning the Mexican Flag, plans to file an action regarding Judge Hays misconduct with the Arizona Supreme Court.

“This fall I will file a second federal suit against local officials who conspired to violate my rights. Isabel Garcia is about to get one right between the eyes!”

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