This video is a sobering 14 minute presentation by Roy Beck of NumbersUSA on how immigration (legal and illegal) is destroying America for your children and grand children.

It is important to note that this video, "Immigration by the Numbers" was produced in 1996. Thus, when Roy Beck, the producer, says that something must be done "now" to save America within 15 years, realize that 14 years has already passed since the video was made -- it may already be too late. Note also that when Roy talks about the next century, he is talking about this 21st century already here.

Hal Netkin

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Note: In the video, based on California population growth, Roy Beck projects the need for building one school a day. However, based on school growth from 1993 to 2003, presently, one school is built every 2.5 days.

Source California Stats, page 109