The open borders lobby has set up two 800 lines, one in Spanish and one in English urging advocates for illegal aliens to call "their" senators in support of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" The setup is intended for illegal aliens, un-registered voters, and other unsophisticated callers who may not even know who their senators are.

When this number (1-800-417-7666) is called, the recording is in English. The system will automatically know who your senators are and give you a choice to be connected to one of the senators. After speaking with the selected senator's office or leaving a message, you then call back to be connected to your other senator.

If you call during off hours or if no one answers during regular hours, you will be switched to a voice mail and you can leave a message. If your senator's voice mail box is full, you should call back later. Please keep calling!!! -- we are trying to save America.
Click the play button to hear message in English
Click the play button to hear message in Spanish

If you are a Spanish speaker and would like to place the call on the Spanish line, call 1-800-882-2005.
Note that the two senators in the recording are Senator McCain and Senator Kyl. That's because the system automatically knew who my senators are because I called from Arizona. When you make the call, the system will automatically know from what state you are calling and who your senators are.
Now make the calls!!!
Recommended message:
As a voting constituent, I am asking Senator XXXX to oppose the Senate's so called compromised immigration bill. I am opposed to a guest worker program and am opposed to rewarding law breakers with amnesty or any other form of legalization.
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DISCLAIMER: Since La Raza is paying for each 800 call, they can lawfully record the names and telephone numbers listed to the calling number. However, they may not record the conversation. It would not be possible to distinguish Pro "comprehensive reform" callers from those against "comprehensive reform" unless La Raza put in thousands of hours of name profiling which would really not be worth it -- and for what purpose?. But if you are uncomfortable in using La Raza's 800 numbers, you can call your Senator's office telephone number direct by dialing which 1-202-22 + your Senator's five digit extension listed here.