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Comments by Hal Netkin:

In the previous story Capt. Boyd Long of the San Diego PD said "no I don't want to say we're looking the other way. I think what we're doing is looking at this in a very humane fashion." In other words, Boyd doesn't want to enforce the law because he's concerned that if he enforces the law, the squatters won't have anywhere to live.
But when the Minutemen brought on a hoopla at the site, Boyd and the land owners quickly evicted the illegal alien squatters, which goes to show, that police officials such as Boyd don't listen to the people, but will comply with the wants of whomever intimidates them the most.

NBC4 did a fair job of reporting on the issue, but rather than pointing out that this was a one time Minutemen demonstration, they gave the impression that the minutemen were also camping at the site.

Minuteman leader Jim Gilchrist seen aggressively arguing with an illegal alien defender in the video who asked Gilchrist where his ancestors were from, has learned that you can't reason with people who try to cripple debate with illogical rhetoric.