Video Streaming Tips For Microsoft Media Player

Steaming means that you can start watching a video as it downloads. If your player doesn't stream, you have to wait minutes to hours (depending on how long the video is) for the video to download before you can watch it.

This website now uploads video that must be watched with broad band internet. If you are using dialup, you're out of luck. Broadband means high speed Wireless, DSL, or cable.

Early versions of Windows Media Players may not stream but you can still watch the video after a lengthy download. To stream, video must be viewed with Windows Media Player Version 9 or 10. Most likely, you already have the proper media player installed in your computer. But if you have an earlier version of Media Player,  Click Here for a free download. Choose Version 9 for Windows 98, ME, or 2000. Choose Version 10 for Windows XP and Vista. For Mac, Click Here. Works best with a late version Microsoft browser. Other browsers such as Netscape or Mozilla may not stream.
Note: In the video, based on California population growth, Roy Beck projects the need for building one school a day. However, based on school growth from 1993 to 2003, presently, one school is built every 2.5 days.

Source California Stats, page 109