When Antonio Villaraigosa stood before the citizens of the San Fernando Valley at the mayoral debates, he told the them what they wanted to hear: that he would oppose renewing the contract with Browning-Ferris Industries to operate the Sunshine Canyon landfill with plans to cease using it.

One mayoral candidate, Walter Moore said at the debates, that at the time, that there was no alternative, but to renew the contract and keep Sunshine Canyon landfill open -- at least for now.

Now that Villaraigosa is mayor, he wants to renew the contract as reported in the L.A. Daily News,

So what's Villaraigosa' spin on this: That former Mayor Hahn created the mess -- as if he just found out about it. Yes, Antonio Villaraigosa will say anything to get elected.
As the mayor encourages an expected onslaught of more illegal aliens, he has decided to fix the problem by transporting our garbage to someone else's back yard.