Villaraigosa, Israel And Illegal Immigration
By Walter Moore, Candidate For Mayor Of Los Angeles,

You know Villaraigosa and his entourage are in Israel right now at your expense, right? He had to stop in New York first, for a fundraiser for his re-election campaign. After all, that's where the Related Companies -- the developer running the Grand Avenue boondoggle -- has its headquarters.

Hey, do you think Villaraigosa will call the Israelis "racist" because they have that big wall? Do you think he'll trot out his "there are no illegal people" line? Or that he'll urge the Israelis to adopt a "sanctuary city" policy for suicide bombers? Do you think he'll tell them not to worry about the Palestinians' "historic" claims of ownership of Israeli soil?

Me, neither. He wouldn't dare criticize the Israelis for their common-sense policies to protect themselves from suicide bombers.

And yet, Villaraigosa and his fellow travelers will call you a "racist" for wanting to control our nation's border. Villaraigosa, moreover, insists on providing "sanctuary city" status not just to illegal aliens who come here to work, but also to illegal alien gang members who come here to kill and to sell drugs.

Nor may you mention that Mexico's current president, like his predecessors, has stated, "Mexico does not stop at its border" and "wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico." If you do, Villaraigosa and the L.A. Times/Hoy will label you "irrational" and claim a "border wall" is "a relic from medieval China or Central Europe in the totalitarian era."

The thing is, what's right for Israel is right for the U.S. and for every country that wants to protect its citizens' safety and its quality of life. We are entitled to control our borders. We are entitled to protect our citizens from people who come here to sell drugs and commit crimes. That's not "racist." It's common sense, self-defense 101.

We are also entitled to throw out of office any politicians who don't "get it." Let's start by replacing Villaraigosa with your candidate for Mayor, Walter Moore. Click here to make it happen.