Why I won't vote for Ron Paul - Part 1
Ron Paul and I both love our American Constitution. And Ron Paul is just the guy to put us on track to return our country to our constitutional principles. But while Ron Paul would get a good start in fixing our adherence to the constitution in one or two terms as president, our country would be overtaken by the  illegal alien invasion yielding the future generation's voters -- socialist voters.

Ron Paul's principles are admirable, but they won't fix our out-of-control illegal immigration crisis in the here-and-now.

As an engineering student, I took a course in "The Problem of Problem Solving." I learned that to solve a problem, you must first recognize and identify it before you can fix it. Moreover, you must apply both the short term and long term solutions to the problem.

When a patient arrives at the emergency room hemorrhaging blood from a body opening, the first order is to stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding stops, then the time can be taken to diagnose and determine how to fix the problem that caused the bleeding in the first place.

Our country might not be in the predicament it's in now if someone like Ron Paul had won the presidency 40 years ago. But trying to fix the ills of 40 years of out-of-control government growth without fixing illegal immigration in the here-and-now is like trying to save the life of an 80 year old dying of emphysema by changing his bad diet to a healthy diet instead of giving him oxygen.

Our borders are hemorrhaging. We have a border crisis and although Ron Paul is full of platitudes on how to fix illegal immigration, he doesn't have a plan.

Ron Paul would bring his Libertarian baggage to the white house which includes his opposition to any means of identifying people through such things as the REAL ID.

Would Ron Paul appoint open border Libertarians like former INS Director, James Ziglar who took the INS from bad to worse?

Sure, Ron Paul says he wants to deport illegal aliens. Problem is, how will he know who is an illegal alien and who isn't if he throws any means of identifying people to the wind?

Ron Paul opposes the SAVE Act.

In 2007, Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) introduced legislation emphasizing the principles of Attrition Through Enforcement. The SAVE Act (H.R. 4088) would broaden and enhance border security and interior enforcement. A large number of border security Democrats and Republicans have already agreed to co-sponsor, this bipartisan effort. But Ron Paul won't sign on. He won't say why, but his supporters say that the Save Act has flaws.

I have read the Save Act. The only flaws I can find, is that it doesn't go far enough. On that, I agree with those opposed to the Act. But just because you aren't going to fix the entire problem all at once doesn't mean that you shouldn't fix any part of it.

Hal Netkin

Continued Part 2