You don't know you're being invaded until you try to stop it.
- Glenn Spencer

In 1994, this brochure was distributed by the Proposition 187 Campaign. It accurately predicted what would happen if Proposition 187 failed (or was struck down).

THE BIG LIE: Proposition 187 was struck down by the courts.
Many lower federal courts manifest their disdain for the popular will of the people by arrogantly overturning the wishes of the majority of the voters expressed in statewide referenda. Proposition 187 received five million votes, but it was nullified by only one Carter appointed federal lower court judge. In 1994, Mariana Pfaelzer, nullified California Proposition 187 which would have prohibited giving taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens, on the grounds that only the federal government could enforce immigration laws.

But Mariana Pfaelzer's ruling was not the last word. Proposition 187 was on its way to the Supreme Court for the final ruling, but Mariana Pfaelzer stalled the process long enough for then Governor Gray Davis (Recalled 2003 by the California citizenry) to kill the proposition -- more accurately, kill the people's vote. Proposition 187 never had its day in court!

One judge's ideological ruling against the citizens of California was enough to embolden illegal aliens, U.S. Cities' mayors, Mexico and other foreign countries to "claim their rights."

The "open border" lobby have hidden their real wishes of open borders by putting the illegal immigration blame on employers. In truth, they don't want enforcement of employer sanctions -- but it is safe to pretend so in the belief that employer sanctions would never be enforced.

Now that there is an effort by the federal government to pseudo-enforce our immigration laws using the federal E-Verify worker authorization database to verify the work eligibility by employers, these same open border advocates are screaming "foul" -- they don't want federal immigration laws to be enforced either.
Watch the latest efforts by the illegal alien lobby to thwart the effort of the use of the federal government's E-Verify worker authorization database by the state of Illinois and the Arizona business lobbies.