For example, when Hal Netkin entered his own SSN, he got back:
The Social Security Number XXX-XX-XXXX is valid and was issued in California. This SSN is ACTIVE.

When he entered his late father's SSN, he got back:
The Social Security Number XXX-XX-XXXX is valid and was issued in New York.
This SSN is NOT active.
The date of death was September 1976.

The criminals who manufacture fake social security cards, may pick SS numbers at random but they ascertain that the number is valid by going to a SS validation website like the one above.

Of course in almost all cases, the name on any fake SS card is not the name of the person who actually has the number assigned to him or her. Incredibly the IRS cannot or will not verify a name to number match citing privacy laws that prevent them from exchanging information with the Social Security Administration.and/or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

What about the form I-9 that every employer must fill out on every new employee?
When one hears that employers have to fill out a Form I-9 on every new employee, it would seem that there should not be a problem with work eligibility verification. But after viewing the I-9 Form, incredibly, on the bottom of the principal fill out page it says:
That's right, the employer simply must file the I-9 in his desk drawer. The only time that the ICE would encounter the I-9, is if they audited the employer -- and the ICE rarely audits employers, and then only in sting operations such as was done to Wal-Mart in 2005.

Given that out of the U.S. population of nearly 300 million, 12 million are illegal aliens, we can extrapolate that 4 percent of the population are using forged SS cards -- or approximately four out of every 100 visitors to this page has an illegal alien sharing his/her SS number.

With total current social security number chaos, does anyone reading this page think that our government can manage the administration of social security numbers for the 50 to 60 million immigrants who would be allowed under the recent senate's bill?

Why illegal aliens can obtain valid social security numbers.
Social Security numbers can be verified and/or validated. It is important to note the difference. Verification is done to verify that the card holder is who he says he is. Validation is done to verify that the card holder's number is only a valid Social Security number but not necessarily matching the card holder's claimed name.

While it is difficult to verify that the card holder actually has a valid Social Security Number assigned to him, any unsophisticated do-it-yourself amateur can check the validity of any Social Security number by going to this website.