The ways in which the federal government encourages illegal immigration and refuses to enforce immigration law.
Sensible proposal by Democrat Heath Shuler -- The SAVE act bill. One provision of the bill would have made E-Verify mandatory  Watch. As expected, the SAVE Act was dead on arrival in the Democrat congress.
Jews that support illegal immigration Read letter to RAC (Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism)
The federal government knows the names and whereabouts of illegal aliens who file tax returns, but does nothing about it. Moreover, it's not enough that the IRS knows who the illegal workers are -- they actually encourage illegal alien tax cheating
How illegal aliens cheat on taxes in front of the noses of the IRS. View Here
The feds see to it that different governent agencies not be allowed to share criminal data with one another. Watch
Government incompetence. Illegals working in the DHS secretary Michael Chertoff's house under his nose. Watch
2007: Congressman Steve King exposes hypocritical government hiring of its own illegal workers. Watch
The feds refuse to finish the 700 mile double layer border fence mandated by congress in 2006. More...
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