As a certified Designated Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, I can testify that E-Verify is one of the most effective immigration law enforcement tools available. The problem is that the federal government does not  make the use of E-Verify mandatory. -- it's voluntary  -- except in the state
of Arizona which requires that all businesses use E-Verify for all new hires. Three court challenges by business groups have failed to get the courts to strike down the Arizona Employer-Sanctions law, so now the groups have resorted to the most deceitful tactics -- an initiative that gives the opposite appearance of the truth with this website. A close examination of the proposal reveals that the group want to make the use of E-Verify mandatory but actually allows employers to hire illegal workers just as they always have. The initiative's wording says "Employers must verify the employment eligibility of the employee through the E-VERIFY program OR SUCH OTHER PROCEDURES AS PROVIDED UNDER 8 UNITED STATES CODE SECTION 1324a. That last part means that employers need only file a Form I-9 (with fraudulent data) in their desk drawers just as they always have.

Please get on the group's website and get on their mailing list. Then bombard the group with your protests and email this this link to all citizens with the truth.