- By Hal Netkin

A large percentage of Jews -- including affluent Jews -- blindly vote Democrats into office because voting for Democrats is Jewish tradition. Traditional voting for Democrats often times is not in the Jewish community's interest. Traditional Jewish voting was so strong, that they were blind to the 23 members of congress who voted in August, 2006, against the House and Senate resolutions of support for Israel. Nineteen of the 23 were Democrats (details).
Posted October 12,  2012
Many Jews say that their politics are in America -- not Israel. But what they are missing is that when Israel's security is threatened by crazed anti-Semitic enemies, so is American security threatened.

Jews blew it when they voted for the second worst president Jimmy Carter Ex-President For Sale and now are about to blow it when they vote for America's worst President, President Obama.

To watch a video of what an ex-Obama voter has to say, click here.

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