Hot On The Trail -- Dobbs Closing in on the Conspiracy (Lengthy Plot to Remove Borders, Destroy America)


Hot On The Trail
Dobbs Closing in on the Conspiracy 

"The federal government's refusal to enforce this nation's immigration laws is forcing states to fight the growing crisis themselves." (Watch)
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- May 19, 2006
Bush Opposes English
"...the president never supported English as a national language."
Sen. Sessions Exposes Specter Deceit
"...why are you afraid to tell the truth about your bill?"
Mexico Attacks U.S. Defenses
"...Mexico also believes it has the right to dictate U.S. border security policy."
Bureaucrats Allow ID Theft
"...the idea that bureaucrats are hiding behind this fig leaf of fiction is reprehensible." (Watch)
Sen. Reid Plays the Race Card
"I really believe this amendment is racist."

May 22, 1006
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