Jeff Lewis
National Director
FIRE Coalition
[email protected]

Hi Jeff,

I admire your intenseness to uphold the constitution. But don't let "principle" be the knife that cuts your nose off to spite your face.

I served in the U.S. Air Force in Korea. Although I never had the opportunity to fight in combat, I did learn a little about the strategy of warfare -- and I believe our country is at war with those who would open our floodgates to the hundreds of millions of the world's poorest, sickest, and least educated.

Before going on with my defense of the SAVE Act, let me impress upon you where we are headed if Barack Obama gets elected. To put it bluntly, IT'LL BE ALL OVER. -- and there's a good chance he will be our next president. With the majority of both houses being liberal Democrats and a strong possibility of a soon-to-be no-filibuster senate, Obama will be more like a king than a president -- and the Republican party will become extinct in the next decade. Obama will quickly usher in open borders, pro-illegal alien amnesty, socialism, and more. Is that what you want?  Well that's what you are going to get while you are monomaniacally defending some debatable points of the constitution as they relate to the SAVE Act. You will have surrendered to illegal aliens just the same as if you would have surrendered a battle in war.

In war it is sometimes necessary to abandon the principle of never surrendering  -- by honorably retreating, so as to make it possible to come back and win. The Great General Douglas MacArthur did just that when he left the Philippines (in temporary defeat) uttering the words "I shall return" -- and he did to WIN the war in the Pacific.

Since we are at war with our government, we must press on to do anything we can to gain time for us to politically save our country and the constitution which we will lose fast if we don't secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws (that's what the SAVE Act will do). In the process, it may be necessary to make exceptions to the constitution for the sake of saving it. Think of a police officer who has to break the law by speeding in order to catch a speeder.

As you know, there are times in emergencies when it is justified to lay aside parts of the constitution in the national self defense of our country (for example marshal law in the event of wide spread anarchy).

You say that you have consulted several lawyers, including prominent immigration lawyers (the foxes who guard the hen houses), and they ALL concur that your constitutional interpretation (of the SAVE Act) is legally accurate and sound. If that's the case, why are you so afraid of the supreme court justices (lawyers) -- they are the ones who will judge the validity of what's unconstitutional about the SAVE Act. But if "hopefully" the SAVE Act becomes law, by the time the parts of it that you allege are unconstitutional ever get to the court, millions of illegal aliens who could not get a job will have self expatriated themselves (because the SAVE Act makes the E-Verify program to keep illegals from jobs, mandatory for every state).

If the SAVE Act fails to pass, the message that will be sent to all the open border advocates with whom you are in bed with on the SAVE Act (albeit not for the same reason), will be considered an open invitation to come to America for a piece of pie for millions. Our population will grow exponentially with Third World "American citizens" in the next twenty years, who will see to it that the constitution will not be worth the paper it's written on.

On the issue of who I will vote for, McCain or Obama, I choose McCain.

You want to vote your heart? You want to write in a vote for a loser? You don't want to vote for the lesser of two evils? That's really standing on high principle, but the battle will be lost. The reality is that if Obama gets elected, we will have a king for president. And short of armed rebellion, there will be no political way back to our Republic -- a government for the People, by the People -- and if Obama gets elected, you can forget about saving the constitution.

Many say that McCain is just as bad as Obama. I agree with that. But the reality is that if McCain gets elected, we the people have a fighting chance. One appealing idea is American Border Patrol's 20-20 plan.

I want the E-Verify program and the REAL ID (both part of the SAVE Act) in order to distinguish American citizens from the hordes of illegal aliens who have taken over our country. And frankly I'd rather be the subject of a threatening group that speaks English (the US government) than cannon fodder for Spanish speaking drug lords from south of the border.

I am open to anyone's rebuttal. Convince me that the defeat of the SAVE Act will somehow help fix illegal immigration.

Hal Netkin

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