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The following is a video presentation by CNN's Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck interviewed Israel's former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on November 13, 2006, regarding the unthinkable -- a world nuclear apocalypse.
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Benjamin Netanyahu
Glenn Beck
by Hal Netkin:

Apparently, our political leaders on both sides of the aisle have not ever heard of the following two sayings:
"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it." and "history repeats itself,"

When Kamikaze suicide pilots launched a campaign of terror on the U.S. Navy during WWII, we didn't say that it was a war against Kamikaze pilots. It was a war against their sponsor -- Japan.

Iraq insurgent terrorists are not the primary enemy of the U.S. If the U.S. really wanted to squelch terrorism, it would have launched a pre-emptive invasion against the Islamic Fascist sponsor countries -- Syria and Iran.

Problem is that the U.S. has never been able to win a limited war -- i.e. a war without large numbers of innocent civilians being killed. And such wars by the U.S. must have the backing of the majority of the citizens. When it comes to war, Americans want the bad guys to throw the first blow before responding -- kind of like wanting to buy insurance after the accident. Not until there is an immediate crisis, do Americans give their leaders the go-ahead for war.

In 1941, the FDR administration knew well in advance that the Japanese were preparing for war. But taking pre-emptive action would have been resisted by the people. But that changed. There was a clear consensus by the people for war on the "day of infamy" -- the Japanese attack on pearl harbor. Following the attack, the people gave FDR virtual permission to "fight dirty" -- allowing news censorship, internment of West Coast Japanese-Americans, and etc.

WW II was won at a high cost of civilian casualties when the U.S. bombed cities like the German city of Dresden into oblivion and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing tens of thousands.

For survival, It is sometimes necessary to go after your enemy at the expense of unintentionally killing innocent people. For example, if a terrorist is guiding an aircraft full of innocent passengers on a suicide mission to crash into the Pentagon, then shooting down that airliner full of innocent people is necessary and justified.

Wars like Vietnam and Iraq cannot be won by our troops by limiting fire power and targets.

The war on 'terror" in Iraq is not winnable without wiping out the bad guys with saturation bombing in cities like Fallujah. But the bad guys who fight dirty, know that the U.S. won't.

In spite of the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu points out that history is the best predictor of the future, don't expect the U.S. to militarily force Iran to give up its nukes -- even if it is a certainty that the apocalypse is due shortly.


Noticeably absent from the interview, was any talk about Illegal immigration in the U.S. which could be a cover for al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists to infiltrate the U.S.

Following are a few examples of the U.S.'s suicidal lack of the non enforcement of our immigration laws:

In spite of a presentation to the House Judiciary Sub-Committee on Immigration by Steve McCraw, assistant director of the FBI's Office of Intelligence, who said that the foreign ID (matricula) cards are not a reliable means of identification, the Department of the Treasury allows banks to honor such ID's even in light of McCraw's compelling evidence of the matricula's danger to U.S. security.

In spite of the fact that 88 illegals were allowed to board a Continental Airlines plane from Los Angeles to New Jersey, the feds still allow airlines to accept the sham ID's for boarding airliners.
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Many cities in the U.S. have "sanctuary" policies which prevent law enforcement from asking a suspect's immigration status. Los Angeles has such a policy labeled "Special Order 40." In spite of exposé's on Special Order 40 by activists and the news media, local politicians and chiefs of police continue to support the policy. Watch this May 27, 2004 video of warning on KABC-TV by  Hal Netkin on Special Order 40.

While it's illegal for illegal aliens to work in the United States, they are allowed to file federal taxes with an Individual Tax Payer Identification number (ITIN), instead of a Social Security number.

So what does all this ranting about illegal immigration have to do with terrorism and the upcoming apocalypse? Just this: Anyone smart enough to learn to fly an airliner into a high rise building is certainly smart enough to disguise himself as an illegal alien to enable him to infiltrate our homeland.

Can the U.S. survive a nuclear attack from a rogue country like Iran? Yes, when the U.S. will be under the threat of extinction, then the people will be behind whatever it takes to defeat the enemy. But first, a crises must mature out of another one or two 9/11s.

In the meantime, it's OK to keep worrying about global warming.


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