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2016                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
October 18 2016: If Hillary Is Elected
October 08, 2016: Two Democrats Who Get It
August 03, 2016: When Democrats Were Like Trump on Illegal Immigration
August 18, 2016: Hillary Accepts Millions From Anti-Israel GeorgeSoros
August 15, 2016: Black Trump Supporters debate RNC, Cleveland, OH
July 15, 2016: Hillary is Dangerous our Security
July 05, 2016: The quality of the refugees that Hillary wants to bring to USA
July 02, 2016: Ignorant Hillary voters support Sharia Law
June 30, 2016: How do you get people to believe that 2 + 2 = 5?
June 23, 2016: Hillary's Next Islamic Attack
June 20, 2016: Hillary's Fake War On Women
June 14, 2016: Paul Weston Warns America not to go down path of Britain
June 11, 2016: Judge Curiel And LaRaza
2015                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
August 13, 2015: Spanish Language Spoof Of Iran Nuke Deal.html
June 06, 2015: Muslim World Reacts To Obama's Speech
March 26, 2015: While John Kerry negotiates nuke deal, Iran's supreme leader crys: DeathToAmerica.html
February 21, 2015: Why Do Jews Vote Leftist
2014                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
December 30, 2014: Kelley File: Obama's Illegal Executive Order, Corruption
November 09, 2014: Veterans DayTribute
September 20, 2014: Brigitte Gabriel delivers powerfule speech at U.N. on behalf of Israel
August 07, 2014: Jew Haters Boycotting Jewish Products
August 03, 2014: The Three Hippies Of The 60s who are now Running The US
July 31, 2014: Tea Party Supports Israel
July 12, 2014: Another Obama Lie Abount the border fence
June 29, 2014: Comprehensive Immigration ReformIs = NationalSuicide
June 25, 2014: Senator Jeff Sessions Slams DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson over illegal alien children
June 14, 2014: Losing The War With Mexico
June 10, 2014: Illegal Alien Children Storming US
April 12, 2014: Meygan Kelly On Islamic Abuse Of Women
March 3, 2014: Jew Hating in American Colleges -Ben Shapiro
2013                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
November 17, 2013: Anti-Israel President Obama
November 02, 2013: Obama: You Can Keep Your Plan
October 15, 2013: Drivers Liceses For Illegals in California
September 29, 2013: Bill O'Reilly - Julie Myers: California Legalizing Illegal aliens
July 25, 2013: Courageous Commentary By Bill O'Reilly on Race In America
July 14, 2013: The Gang of Eight Senate Bill SB744 Wont Work
March 18, 2013: Huckabee On Obama's Trip To Israel
March 03, 2013: More Washington Madness. Bill O'Reilly talking points
February 10, 2013: Senator Ted Cruz hammers Chuck Hagel. Hagel still dancing.
February 03, 2013: Sect of Defense, Chuck Hagel is loved by our Middle East enemies for his anti Israel rhetoric.
January 22, 2013: Black Conservative Tells It Like It Is-In Graphic Language
2012                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
November 19, 2012: The Decline Of America Under Obama
October 20, 2012: Liberal Main Stream Media on Gas Price Hypocricy Obama vs Bush
October 12, 2012: 2012 Election and Jewish suicide
September 29, 2012: Benjamin Netanyahu at UN-Huckabee on Israel - Dershowitz on Wasserman
September 09, 2012: Obama tries to fix the DNC's platform on remove God and Jerusalem as Isreal's capital
August 19, 2012: Ryan In Florida On Medicare And Economy
July 30, 2012: Romney/Carney asked which city is the capital. Romney: "Israel" - Jay Carney does tap dance
July 29, 2012: Obama-You Didn't Make That, Somebody Else Did
July 14, 2012: Muslim Claric Explains Humane Wife Beating
July 09, 2012: MoreJewishSuicide.html - Best anti Obama Video
July 03, 2012: Why do Jews vote for Obama?
June 28, 2012: Government encouraging use of Food Stamps with radio Adds
June 24, 2012: Kobach comments on Obama's illegal Dream Act.
June 14, 2012: PeterSchiff-Economic Genius Predicted 2008 Bubble Burst
June 07, Islamic Father Murders his two Daughters In Honor Killing
June 03, 2012: Wisconsin Recall Election - Tom Barratt vs Governor Scott Walker
May 06, 2012: Danish commentator shows how Obama insincerely ingratiates (kisses butt) with foreign politicians.
April 26, 2012: SB 1070 Heard April 25, 2012 at US supreme court
March 28, 2012: Libya Muslims Destroy Christian-Jewish Cemetery From WWII
March 03, 2012: Understanding E-Verify
February 05, 2012: Obama Tells Woman Her Husband Shouldnt Be Unemployed
2011                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
December 26, 2011: Exponetial Population Growth
November 20, 2011: California Economic Crisis-A glimps Of Americas Future
October 19, 2011: Hypocricy: Occupy Wall Street compared to Tea Party
October 12, 2011: The Decline Of America -- The National Debt, how bad is it?
August 21, 2011: Computer Professional Proves Obama Birth Certificate to be Fake
August 14, 2011: And I thought Jews Were Smart-JewishSupport For Obama
July 17, 2011: Michele Bachmann for President in 2012
May 07, 2011: Senator Lindsey Graham doesn't know WWII-History -- Wants to end Free Speech
May 12, 2011: David Wood explains how our government ingratiates with Muslim
April 8, 2011: Ann Barnhardt slams Lindsay Graham on the Koran
March 20, 2011: The Decline Of America
January 02, 2011: ABC's Diane Sawyer interviews Three National Security Stooges

2010                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
December 14, 2010: Chinese Professor teaches his students on America's failures
November 25, 2010: Talk show host Neil Boortz slams Muslim
October 31, 2010: Harry Reid's Mother Of All Flip-Flops on Illegal Immigration
October 17, 2010: Sheriff Arpaio Busts Meat Workers -- Americans rush to apply for vacant jobs + related articles
September 26, 2010: Second Whistle Blower Comes out on New Black Panther Voter Intimidation - Update
September 19, 2010: A Report On The Politics of the Border
August 22, 2010: Democrats Plant Imposters at Tea Party Rallies
August 07, 2010: ICE agents Vote No Confidence -- Illegal Alien Detention Country Club
July 31, 2010: SB1070 is virtual proof why immigration enforcement is NOT possible with
                     Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
July 29, 2010: SB1070: Not So Fast
July 25, 2010: Listen to the last Terry Andersons Show
July 14, 2010: O'Reilly-FoxNews exposes corruption & mismanagement by President Obama administration
July 07, 2010: Governor Chis Christie Cuts New Jersey spending by $11 billion
July 01, 2010: DOJ Dismisses Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case
June 23, 2010: The Rape Tree.
June 15, 2010: Los Angeles Ethics Commission investigating Mayor Villaraigosa's acceptance of sports tickets.
May 26, 2010: Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon conspire to undermine Arizona's immigration law
May 18, 2010: DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano didn't read SB1070 Either
May 16, 2010: Eric Holder admitted that he didn't read the Arizona Law SB1070
May 09, 2010: Arizona's SB1070 - Good Or Bad?
April 10, 2010: California going Bankrupt -- Ignoring the Pink Elephant in the room
March 17, 2010: Scott Brown Endorses John McCain
March 07, 2010: The Silent War With Mexico -- An Video Essay by Walter Moore
January 02, 2010: Janet Napolitano, the clown that runs the DHS says: "The system worked."
January 24, 2010: The Ghost Of Thomas Paine Returns

2009                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
December 13, 2009:  If I were a terrorist
November 23, 2009: Congressional Black Caucus- Victims or Racists? -- Commentary By Rabbi Shifren
November 09, 2009 Jewish Suicide, Voting Democratic Über Alles
October 11, 2009: John And Ken Inerview Sheriff Joe Arpaio
September 27, 2009: When Hollywood Loved America
September 06, 2009: Arpaio Interviewed On PBS
July 05, 2009: Supreme court rules against lower court decision by Sonia Sotomayor Against White Firemen
June 28, 2009: San Francisco D.A.'s program trained illegal immigrants for jobs they couldn't legally hold
April 21, 2009: Updated: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Slams Al Sharpton - Read Letter - Watch Video Debate
June 16, 2009: How Would the NY Times Report D-Day
June 14, 2009: Rabbi Nachum Shifren For California State Senate
June 01, 2009: 1994: What Woud Happen if Proposition 187 fails
May 26, 2009: What would Hitler think if amnesty failed?
May 06, 2009: Jewish Suicide
May 05, 2009: Janet Nepolitano: Domestic Extremists may be Terrorists
April 25, 2009: Glenn Beck explaines how Nancy Pelosi does the Water Board Dance
April 21, 2009: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Slams Al Sharpton - Read Letter
April 14, 2009: Video: Glenn Beck Special: Can America become a fascist nation?
April 09, 2009: Understanding Border Fences for Dummies (update 2)
April 06, 2009: Representative Zoe Lofgren enters slanderous hearsay against Law Professor Kris Kobach
April 01, 2009: Glenn Beck interviews NRA's Wayne Pierre On Guns To Mexico
March 24, 2009: Senator Chris Dodd Does AIG Tap Dance
March 22, 2009: Man Critical Of Obama Visited By Marshals
March 19, 2009: The Ghost Of Thomas Paine Returns
March 10, 2009: Mexico's violance spilling over the border into the Texas and other parts of the U.S.
February 26, 2009: Dobbs: MALDEF defends illegal alien ID theft. Supreme Court to judge this no-brainer?
February 22, 2009: Watch Homeland Security TV called racist by MALDEF, ACLU, LA RAZA Et Al
February 13, 2009: Lou Dobbs Video - Senate Selling Out the American Worker
February 10, 2009: Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini is an American Hero
February 01, 2009: Killing E-Verify - Video: Lou Dobbs
January 21, 2009: Arnold Schvarzenegger Gone Mad-Supports Illegal Alien Banking
January 12, 2009: Rabbi Shifren For Califronia Senate
January 09, 2009: Why does the open borders lobby oppose E-Verify? - Because it Works
January 03, 2009: Hal Netkin launches website to bust Arizona employers who poo-poo the law -- Read open letter              to president of Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association

2008                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
December 26, 2008: Border Security: They Still Dont Get It - Hal Netkin, Mike Cutler - Video
December 12, 2008: Michael Chertoff Stars In Department Of Homeland Insecurity
November 30, 2008: UNDERSTANDING "COMPREHENSIVE" IMMIGRATIN REFORM FOR DUMMIES -- Barack Obama's Amnesty won't work this time anymore than it did in 1986
November 20, 2008: Rabbi Shifren: We Are All Mormons
November 17, 2008: Everything you wanted to know about how illegal aliens work with the IRS to commit tax fraud.
November 12, 2008: The Greatest Con-Job Since the Trojan Horse
November 11, 2008: Veterans' Day Tribute
October 31, 2008: Zeig Heil To Barack Obama
October 07, 2008: Meet the Fannie Mae Cabal
September 26, 2008: The Beginning of the End of America
September 25, 2008: American Hero, Ed Freeman dies
September 21, 2008: Lisa McGiffert of Consumers Union can't see the elephant in the living room
September 08, 2008: "One Bill" Gill Cedillo is at it Again -- Driver's licenses for illegal aliens
September 04, 2008: Anti-American Socialist, Yasser Giron, sues Hal Netkin for $800,000, Gets $499.99
August 18, 2008: Joe Arpaio, Americas's Toughest Sheriff.
August 14, 2008: L.A. County Finally Gives In To Deporting Illegals alien gang members
August 11, 2008: The ghost of Thomas Paine and the second revolution.
July 26, 2008: Girly Man,Arnold Schwarzenegger sinking California into the RED -- big time!
July 25, 2008: Anti E-Verify Forces At Work
July 11, 2008: E-Verify Deceit
July 04, 2008: Forth of July Tribute.
June 20, 2008: United States politicians ingratiate with Mexican Politicians by kissing their asses.
June 19, 2008: Kiss California Goodbye.The Price of Lawlessness and Deviancy
June 13, 2008: Villaraigosa, Israel and Illegal Immigration -- by Walter Moore
June 11, 2008: Rabbi Shifren Slams L.A. City Council. Mexican Drug Culture Alive and Well
May 27, 2008: Alan Keyes on Borders and illegal immigration
May 26, 2008: Memorial Day Tribute - Reveille
May 25, 2008: An Open Letter To Jeff Lewis, National Director, FIRE Coalition
May 10, 2008: Open letter to mark pelavin of the religious action center of reform judaism
May 05, 2008: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa defies feds on immigration enforcement
May 02, 2008: La Raza and MALDEF getting desparate. Attack Lou Dobbs and Katie Couric
April 18, 2008: Dennis Zine, King Of the Bamboozlers On Special Order 40
April 11, 2008: Los Angeles Sheriff Dept Detective says Special Order 40 against California State law
April 11, 2008: Martin Luther King Commemorated With Anti-Semitism
April 06, 2008: Jackie Mason Jokes on the Emmess about Barack Obama's Lies
April 02, 2008: Walter Moore proposes Jamiel's Law on KABC-with Doug McIntyre
March 25, 2008: Obama is a Mack Daddy. Clinton supporter, The Honorable Reverend James David Manning, PhD,
  bashes Obama with hate speech
March 23, 2008: Lou Dobbs For President
March 23, 2008: To my Jewish Liberal Subscribers from The Jewish Daily Forward.
  Is a Cheap Housekeeper Worth Your Principles?
March 16, 2008: Spokesman for Mexican Consulate in San Diego, Alberto Lozano Merino Confirms Mexican Reconquista agenda to take back U.S.
February 28, 2008: Not Learning From History: A Brit on Islamic Takover of Europe predicts the Future of America
February 28, 2008: MEChA upset at being Compared To KKK
February 14, 2008: La Raza's Janet Murguia wants to stifle Lou Dobbs' free speech
February 14, 2008: Cuban Flag with Che Guevara embeded at Barack Obama's Houston Campaign office
February 10, 2008: Why the E-Verify Work Verification Program is only a partial fix.
February 01, 2008: Feedback on my appeal to vote for Mitt Romney
January 25, 2008: Mexican nationalist, Juan Hernandez joins John McCain's campaign
January 22, 2008: Subscriver Feedback On Ron Paul
January 22, 2008: Why I won't Vote For Ron Paul-Part-3
January 21, 2008: Why I won't Vote For Ron Paul-Part-2
January 17, 2008: Why I won't Vote For Ron Paul
January 12, 2008: Lou Dobbs: Take a lesson from from Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
January 04, 2008: Lou Dobbs: Naked Mexican farmers protesting the effects of NAFTA

2007                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
December 30, 2007: Lou Dobbs On E-Verify and Patriotic employer
December 28, 2007: Arizona Daily Star Biased In Spanish
December 23, 2007: L.A. Police Chief Bratton: If you don't like it, leave the state -- Advice from Scottsdale AZ Chief
December 21, 2007: COPOUT: Jim Gilchrist Endorses Mike Huckabee for president.
December 15, 2007: The GOP’s Sell-Out Seven Have Their Own Univision Panderfest
December 11, 2007: Lou Dobbs interviews Pat Buchanan on his new book, Day of Reckoning
December 10, 2007: A Brit's Take On Islam
December 09, 2007: Why Tom Tancredo Won't Debate In Spanish
December 05, 2007: Lou Dobbs Slams LA Times
November 29, 2007: Illegal Aliien Lobby Fighting E-Verify -- Lou Dobbs Video
Novermber 19, 2007: Drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete Davila Shot by Agents Ramos and Compean Indicted.
November 14, 2007: Rabbi Shifren's Slam of the ADL
November 08, 2007: Losing America To America haters such as Barack Hussein Obama.
November 02, 2007: Oklahoma Wins - MALDEF, ACLU, MECHA, La Raza, and all other anti-America Racists lose
October 31, 2007: NY Governor Eliot Spitzer is still nuts, and so is DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff
October 22, 2007: An essay by Walter Moore: We're losing a war we didn't even know we're in
October 14, 2007: Glenn Beck Interviews Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff
October 13, 2007: When immigration Laws are enforced, Illegal Aliens Will Self Deprt -- Oklahoma proved it
October 11, 2007: Hal Netkin Becomes DHS E-Verify Designated Agent
October 03, 2007: Mike Scott Letter To NY Governor Eliot Spitzer
September 30, 2007: NY Governor Spitzer wants to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens
September 28, 2007: Elect Watler Moore For Mayor Of Los Angeles
September 23, 2007: Rudy Giuliani Flip Flops Big Time On Illegal Immigration
September 17, 2007: Representative Ted Poe Exposes Open Borders
September 12, 2007: Bill O'Reilly interviews Duncan Hunter on border fence
September 11, 2007: Teamsters Union Wants It Both Ways Re Mexican Trucks in the U.S.
September 11, 2007: Ernesto Zedillo and Filipe Calderon virtually declare war on the U.S.
September 09, 2007: Mexican Trucking Shoved Down Our Throats
September 06, 2007: FOX News sponsors GOP Candidates debate on illegal immigration
September 06, 2007: It's the federal government's job to enforce immigration laws! Dobbs and O'Reilly
August 30, 2007: Boot Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in 2009
August 23, 2007: Should Sanctuary Cities be sued -- hear Manica Crowley and Tom Tancredo on the issue
August 12, 2007: Jose Carranza, an Illegal Alien charged with three Murders in Newark, NJ
August 01, 2007: Basic Pilot Designed to fail and IRS Commissioner Mark Everson aids and abets illegal aliens
July 15, 2007: Expect a Dirty Bomb soon -- Bush and Chertoff inept
July 13, 2007: Michael Chertoff Has a Gut Feeling that al Qaeda is gaining strength
July 10, 2007: MexicanTruck Drivers -- Virtual Weapon of Mass Destruction (updated)
July 06, 2007: Representative Steve King On Unauthorized Government Workers
July 05, 2007: How Not To Hire Americans and Labor Secretary, Elain Chao, insults Americans
July 01, 2007: Homeland Security Secretary Michael "NonSequitur" Chertoff stands logic on its head
June 30, 2007: Elizabeth Dole urges immigration law enforcement- C-SPAN2, 07-06-28
June 28, 2007: The People Prevail! Senate Amnesty Bill 1639 Killed. Watch CNN's Lou Dobbs coverage
June 28, 2007: Glenn Beck interviews Senator Jeff Sessions on Amnesty Bill
June 24, 2007: Rabbi Nachum Shifren's Message To Joel Breshin of the ADL
June 22, 2007: You Dont Talk For Me - Al Rodriguez, Ted Hayes, and Others
June 19, 2007: Watch Senator John Kyl Do a Tap Dance on Lou Dobbs of CNN
June 18, 2007: Amnesty. But can it work-1984 Time Magazine
June 12, 2007: Rush Limbaugh's Immigration Reform
June 12, 2007: Insanity Explained by Robert Rector on the Mark Levin Talk Show
June 10, 2007: The Government Basic Pilot Scam
June 10, 2007: Senator John McCain Double Talk On Border Fence
June 08, 2007: Help Save An American City -- Boot Mayor Antonio Villaraigosain 2009
June 08, 2007: Another open letter To Kennedy by MikeScott
June 07, 2007: Senate bill removed from floor -- cloture fails -- America Saved For Now
June 06, 2007: Number USA holds virtual Rally
June 04, 2007: Washington Post -- Democrats Like Gang Bangers
June 01, 2007: 26 reasons To Kill The Senate Bill SB 1348
May 29, 2007: Email Critisizing AskHal
May 28, 2007: Memorial Day 2007
May 28, 2007: Senators Wake Up Call -- Call your senators, compliments of the Open Borders Lobby
May 27, 2007: LAUSD Racist Acadamia Semilla Charter School -- the future education of America.
May 23, 2007: Senate Votes For National Suicide with its "compromise immigration reform bill"
May 19, 2007: Mike Scott's Open Letter To Ted Kennedy
May 15, 2007: O'reilly On Duka Brothers' Ft Dix Conspiracy
May 13, 2007: 9-11 Commisioner John Lehman On Real ID
May 08, 2007: Illegal Alien Criminals Not Deported After Convictions, KPRC Houston (video)
May 08, 2007: Mexican Flag Burner, RoyWarden, Sues City of Tucson
May 07, 2007: Dobbs Interviewed On 60 minutes by Leslie Stahl
May 06, 2007: Federal Tax Money Paid to Convicted Somoli Criminal for Community Center
May 03, 2007: MexicanTruck Drivers -- Virtual Weapon of Mass Destruction
May 01, 2007: CNN's Lou Dobbs hosts Hazelton Town Hall Meeting
May 01, 2007: Ted Kennedy, Mover and Shaker of Amnesty for Illegals--History Repeating Itself
April 27, 2007: Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar wrong on Virtual (Wall) Fence
April 25, 2007: Tancredo Cookout On May 4 at Glenn Spencer's Ranch
April 14, 2007: Geraldo Rivera lacking logic, debates Bill Oreilly on FOX news
April 13, 2007: Rod Decker, Former LAPD Cop
April 06, 2007: Tucson Patriots With Balls tell off city coucil
April 04, 2007: Los Angeles homicide Report - Murder Mayhem
March 27, 2007: Latino Patriot Saves Flag at Ted Hayes Civil Rights March
March 22, 2007: Mexifornia Five Years Later, by Victor Davis Hanson
March 10, 2007: Do Mexican Banks Honor Matricula IDs?
March 10, 2007: Public Forum For Terrorists, Illegal aliens, Deadbeat Dads, and other who are interested.
March 09, 2007: Walter Moore in the 2009 race for L.A. Mayor for 2009 -- again
March 08, 2007: Jobs Americans Want To Do!
March 04, 2007: Gallegly's No-Brainer On Data Sharing between the IRS, SSA, and DHS
March 03, 2007: Chertoff At Senate Judicial Hearing Of 022807
February 21, 2007: States Balk At Real ID Licenses
February 17, 2007: LAPD Chief Bratton And Mayor Villaraigosa hold Press Conference to fix gangs.
February 14, 2007: Bush Crony Sutton Acts as His Hit Man Re Border Agents Ramos and Compean
February 10, 2007: L.A. Cabal Passes Gang Problem Buck To Connie Rice
February 02, 2007: Rabbi Nachum Shifren's Modest Proposal
January 30, 2007: Border Patrol agent shooting results in Mexicans Takeover of Naco BorderStation
January 29, 2007: Wake Up America
January 28, 2007: Gleeful Federal Prosecutor rewards Mexican drug runner. Free Ramos And Compean
January 22, 2007: FOX-News Cavuto has guest Mike Cutler and illegal alien Florida activist, Ignacio Zapata.
January 13, 2007: Ted Hayes Rallies To Free Borer Patrol agents in Front of ICE building in Los Angeles
January 11, 2007: llegal Alien Child Molester Skips Bail
January 07, 2007: Multi-ethnic MinuteMen and Women blast the Los Angeles City Council
January 01, 2007: AARP OK with US-MEXICO SSA TOTALIZATION AGREEMENT which screws seniors.
January 01, 2007: ACT OF WAR: Mexico offers satalite navigation devices to would-be border crossers

2006                                                                                                                                      (Dates are dates Posted) 
December 20, 2006: ICE raids Swift Meat -- ex-INS agent Mike Cutler and Hal Netkin on Peter Boyle Show
December 20, 2006: Michael Scott's Open Letter To DHS secretary Michael Chertoff
December 17, 2006: ICE raids Swift Meat Packing. Charges illegals with ID theft. And Basic Pilot work authorization
December 03, 2006 Is Islam a Peaceful Religion?
November 28, 2006: Glenn Beck Interviews Benjamin Netanyahu regarding an Iran Apocalypse
November 27, 2006: Lou Barletta On 60Minutes regarding Hazelton's  illegal alien city ordinance
November 23, 2006: Minutemen Evict Illegal Alien Squatters In San Diego
November 20, 2006: Lou Dobbs: Illegal Alien revolt supported by Rep Bernie Thompson
November 19, 2006: Understanding Border Fences for Dummies.
November 19, 2006: Illegal Squatter Laborers In hired by San Diego employers.
November 06, 2006: Nestle Responds to Netkin's letter on obnoxious contractor who hires illegals.
November 06, 2006: Understanding "Comprehensive" immigration for dummies or The fate of America if Democrats prevail in midterm elections of 2006
November 03, 2006: The Consequences of the Democrats Winning The Houses of congress
November 02, 2006: Bill Oreilly On Activist Judge who blocked law at Hazelton, PA -- Video
October 30, 2006: Contractor for Nestle Foods who hires illegal aliens, hates Americans
October 29, 2006: (updated) The Amero Conspiracy: Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, George W. Bush, Vicente Fox
October 22, 2006: -300 Million And Growing -- Dan Stein and A sobering video.
October 15, 2006: Bush signs Port Safety act -- Al Qaeda's Navy
October 14, 2006: Open Letter To Machista regarding Minutemen
October 08, 2006: Brown Vs Poochigian For Attorney General
October 01, 2006: Activist Hal Netkin goes into exile
September 29, 2006: Mayor Villaraigosa is OK with Felons who are Registered Sex Offenders
September 26, 2006: ACLU vs Judicial Watch Over SpecialOrder40
September 20, 2006: The myth of "Jobs American won't do."
September 18, 2006: WatchdogAmerica Endorses Randy Graf, running for AZ 8th Congressional district
September 17, 2006: L.A. Mayor Attacks KFI talkshow hosts, John And Ken
September 07, 2006: Gunmen Toss 5 Heads On Dance Floor in Mexico
September 06, 2006: LA County Honors Hezballah apologist, Maher Hathout
August 31, 2006: JEWISH SENTIMENT ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS SUICIDAL, Wafa Sultan Debates on Al Jazeera
August 29, 2006: Maywood Melee. Raza Racists: Europeans Go Home
August 23, 2006: Two Of A kind, Marcos Aguilar and Antonio Villaraigosa Hell Bent On Destroying LAUSD
August 18, 2006: Madeleine Cosman On Illegal Alien Diseases
August 14, 2006: Federal Attorney Uses Race Against Border Agents to convict them
August 05, 2006: 1959 Video Clip of Fidel Castro's promise to hold elections
August 02, 2006: LAUSD takeover By Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
August 02, 2006: Judicial Watch Wins Big On Special Order 40
July 30, 2006: Chicano Raza Support For Muslim Terrorists
July 10, 2006: A disturbing trend -- Can we stop the MexicanTakeover?
June 22, 2006: Mayor Lou Barletta cracks down on illegals aliens in Hazleton, Pennsylvania
June 21, 2006: Amnesty Meltdown Voters Trump Reconquista Marchers - Brian Bilbray on CNN Lou Dobbs
June 18, 2006: Illegal Aliens Obtain Valid Social Security Numbers - 81 people in 17 states using same ss number
June 17, 2006: Bruce DeCell Uses Matricula To Enter Federal Building
June 14, 2006: Its About Damn Time -- ICE Cracks Down on illegal alien Criminals
June 12, 2006: Homeland Security Accepts Matricula from Bruce DeCell and Related story
June 10, 2006: A Summer Of Chicanary
June 06, 2006: Dobbs And Sensenbrenner, Won't import poverty
June 03, 2006: Patriot Ted Hayes in support of the Minutemen
June 01, 2006: Raza Racist, Marcos Aguilar, principal and founder of LAUSD Academia Semillas del Pueblo
June 01, 2006: "Benedict" Arnold Schwartzenegger
May 30, 2006: Dobbs-Talk of the Senate's amnesty encourages rush to the border
May 29, 2006: (updated Oct 29, 2006) The Amero Conspiracy: Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, George W. Bush, Vicente Fox
May 29, 2006: Shamnesty, an editorial by Dana Rohrabacher
May 27, 2006: Sensenbrenner Vs Rove / House Leaders Stand Ground
May 25, 2006: Fredo Arias-King blows the whistle on Vicente Fox on KFI
May 25, 2006: Senate wants to surrender Southwest to Mexico
May 22, 2006: Baseball Great Rick Monday Saves the Flag
May 19, 2006: Senator Sessions Exposes Treachery
May 19, 2006: Ultimate Anarchy. Senate Votes to Reward Rank Criminality
May 16, 2006: Rep Pete King: House Will Not Back Down -- No Amnesty, No guest Workers -- Enforcement first.
May 13, 2006: CNN Dobbs: Hot On The Trail
May 10, 2006: Muslim Child Hates Jews aired on Saudi Arabian TV broadcast to Palestinians
May 10, 2006: Kill Your Teacher by Rabbi Nachum Shifren
May 08, 2006: Judicial Watch sues L.A. on Special Order 40
May 05, 2006: Mandatory Social Security Verification Won't Work
May 05, 2006: Its The Numbers Stupid. A video on the U.S. Population explosion, by Roy Beck
May 05, 2006: Maricopa County Sheriff Arpio Has Advise For L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
May 01, 2006: National Talk Show Host Debunked by Mark A. Mendlovitz, Ph.D.
May 01, 2006: Americans Flipping Burgers At In-N-Out
May 01, 2006: The boycott that isn't a boycott
May 2006: FAQ: The Senate's Plan To Destroy America
April 28, 2006: Mexican Chutzpah. Mexican Congress Supports Insurrection in U.S.
April 26, 2006: TJBonner Makes Presentation At CCIR
February 06, 2006: Muslims Behead an American
January 16, 2006: Anti-Semitic / anti-Zionist sentiments -- The Chicano / Palestinian connection
2006: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Social Security Numbers
2006: Deadbeat Dads Rewarded with New Identity

December 21, 2005: You Dont Know You're Being Invaded Until you try to stop it
November 09, 2005: Canaries Vendors pose bioterrorism threat such as a flu pandemic
September 12, 2005: The end of the American Honeymoon.
July 30, 2005: Ex LAPD Chief Councilman Bernard Parks makes a fool of himself at BOND meeting